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DRP Statement on the recent By-Election results 25/02/2021

[u][b]DRP Statement on the recent By-Election results:[/b][/u]

The DRP has been keeping a close eye on the recent By-election and its results. The DRP did not endorse any candidate for the seat due to a lack of time from the founding of our party to the election itself to properly scrutinise each candidate's position on democratic reform. We do however congratulate Brian Cavanaugh of the BWP on his election victory and our commiserations go to the other candidates. It was a close fought election. 

Although an election for a single seat, this By-election and its result has been significant for the makeup of the house of commons. As it now stands the BWP holds 50% of the seats with the conservatives and one independent MP holding the remaining 50%. 

The DRP is predicting that this 50/50 split will grind business in the Commons to a near halt, even with the BWP and The Conservatives currently working together in government. 

To this end the DRP believes that there should be an Early election to potentially resolve the deadlock, Recent BBC polls have shown a general dissatisfaction with the government as a whole and in particular with the performance of Conservative Prime Minister Harold MacMillan. And although there is no legal requirement we believe that the risk of inactivity would be damaging to the reputation of the current government both in the long and short term.

The DRP believes that this election should be held within the next week, with at least 10 seats being up for election.

We implore the Government, the public and the monarch to Push for this election so that we can address the potential stalemate and prevent inactivity.