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Model UN Reflection #4

In the Model UN Prep assignment I choose Option 3. I choose this option because my economy and my trade were not doing well and this option allowed me to be a free be an independent person who was allowed to be by myself or join other people if I believed there ideas were good. I joined this Option as well because my my Economic Output was orange at 58%, and my Average Income was at a 56% and other were okay but not doing well. This option allowed me to grow in everything with having to do as little as possible. It also allowed me to ask other people for help and I could Weapons, Food, or Resources to improve my nation and grow bigger, the only thing I had to do for them was to vote for there option so they would win and I didn't have to pay anything. It did take a lot of convincing for me and other people and some had to give up there own resources just to get people to vote and be on there side. Option #1 is like Communism because of the free trade benefits decreases the prices of goods making it more cheaper for everyone.