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Model UN Resolution #4

In the model UN prep assignment, I chose option 3. The reason I chose option 3 was because of my economy and trade. My economy was reasonable but not good enough to lead in #1 or 2. My trade was not good at all. My highest was cheese exports and that was only at #10 in our country. During the voting the first proposal was ours. I voted for ours because there would be free trade between all that voted and the ones who didn't vote for us would have to pay some type of resources, weapons, or goods to the members. The second resolution I also voted for. The second resolution was to have free trade between voters. The voters would also get assistance if they were between 60-100. This would benefit our resolution because most of the members were in that range of 60-100. Decisions made by the country have a huge impact on the people of the country. If there was free trade between all countries with no tariffs or quotas this would benefit. Everyone having free trade and it being equal is like Communism. Everyone is getting an equal chance to expand and get better.