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Japan Increases Its Oil Imports from the US
Analysis: Executive Order of the Prime Minister of Japan will Increase Oil Imports from the US.



      08:09 AM TOKYO TIME

      TOKYO METROPOLIS At a Press Conference, the Press Secretary Kenjiro Yoshida announced that in the morning a 'Tokyo Trade Order' was signed by the Prime Minister, in which Japan will begin to increase US Oil Imports, although Japan's main oil supplier is Saudi Arabia, "Japan will make the US the second largest supplier, after Saudi Arabia," Yoshida told reporters in attendance. The Journalists highlighted "why is Japan going to put the United States as a second oil supplier?" Where the Press Secretary responded, "Japan will diversify its oil suppliers in two countries, and in the future we will have the USP as our second largest oil supplier and Saudi Arabia as the first oil supplier."

            "The friendship between Tokyo and the White House is stronger than ever." The Prime Minister showed that he was totally proud to have signed the Executive Order.

      There is still a part of Parliament that opposes this executive order, mainly the Opposition, where they say the government is making a mistake in "dividing" Japan's oil imports into two main suppliers, the United States and Saudi Arabia According to Japanese Government experts, Saudi Arabia will see a drop in oil imports to Japan, while oil imports from the United States will only increase, but the two nations will be essential suppliers to Japan.

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