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by The Dominion of The Unwavering Emptiness. . 7 reads.

The Void

The Void is completely empty space, devoid of all particles, energy, and matter.

The Empty Space.

The Void is the Empty Space.

Found behind the cracks of the world, the Void is pitch black emptiness with no discernable end and no discernable beginning.

There is no beginning or end to that which is responsible for the world's birth and end.

Humans will always continue to occupy themselves with a quest to gain arbitrary information, to find an end, to take measurements. Maybe that's why it's so difficult for them to understand.

The only way to gain access to the void is through exploits used to break the barrier between it and us. If you have any plans on accessing the void, it is advisable to not fall in, as you will almost assuredly die.

Of course you will, entering a living creature isn't usually a good idea.

Especially one which has no mouth.

Similarly, anything lost to the void will disappear forever, without a trace. For unknown reasons, any living matter has proven to be more resilient to its effects.

A soul cannot be consumed the same way a simple plank of wood can be.

A soul is not a flame that is so easily extinguished.

It is concluded that the void is not to be mentioned or investigated further. Any attempt for any civilization to study the void must be stopped with force.

Even if you did continue to look, what would you find? You seek enlightenment from chaos, you scream into its infinity and it will only continue to watch.

The void has no care for your insolence. It is the universe and it has created itself and destroyed itself more times than there is a number for, and it will do so again and again for all of its eternity.