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Ursian Military (1912 roleplay) (Black project) - Ursa Major MkII

Name: Ursa Major Mk II
Tank Type: Tank Destroyer
Preceded by: Ursa Minor
Succeeded by: [Redacted]
Built: [Redacted]
In service: [Redacted]
Planned: [Redacted]
Completed: [Redacted]
Cancelled: [Redacted]
Retired: [Redacted]

Details: After the The Stigyan Triumvirate released the prototype MK1-Bison tank, The Ursian Empire knew that they will be outmatched soon. While not having the military might or scientific achievements of the Triumvirate, it helps that one of the greatest allies of Ursia is Imperial Russia, who ranked No.1 in the world in both areas. With help from Trashkanistan73's production facilities and ImperialRussia's scientists, Ursia made a new weapon. With the advent of armored warfare, there must always be a counter to tanks and other vehicles. While the Ursa Major and Ursa Minor Mk1s were impressive as infantry support and assaulting bases, they can never truly match the Bison with its 75 mm cannon. The moment the Ursian generals heard of this large cannon armed on this tank, they needed to hurry if they were to match it. Thus, Vesun Industries were given the following: mount the 75 mm cannon on a large enough chasis, make it wheeled, lightly armored and incredibly fast, and make it small enough to be covered in natural flora. Thus, the Ursa Major Mk2 isn't actually a tank, and thus it was coined the name "tank destroyer". Relatively small compared to its predecessors , it looked more like a mobile chassis with one big artillery gun on its top. Its speed rivals the Rhino transport, and can easily shoot and scoot enemy tanks. While not its role, it can carry about 4 Ursian Ambushers for infantry protection. It can also be covered in flora and bushes from the surrounding environment. One report states that one crew covered it in snow, winning a wargame between two divisions when the losing division didn't know where it was firing from. It also has enough engine power to transport the hefty and powerful Stormbreath cannon, however that role is mostly when a MkII is setting up a forward base. Total numbers built and kept secret for deception purposes.