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New Albanian factions and groups

Though House Latorik is nominally recognized by much of the international community (including Derika) as the de-facto ruler of Albania, the truth of the matter is not so simple. Whilst Latorik does control nearly all of the underground, (roughly half under their direct control, with another third controlled through mutual defense pacts and vassals) the status quo, at least on a local level, fluctuates near-constantly, with low-level infighting and internal power grabs being relatively common occurrences, tolerated by the House so long as they submit as their unfortunate forebearer did.

What follows is a (somewhat) complete list of (currently known) major factions and city-states within Albania based on what
limited information has been gleaned by foreign powers.


Composed of traitors, deserters, and vagabonds, they are the outcasts and drifters of Ornan city-states. Having escaped persecution (most trials tend to end in death), they wandered the surface as scavengers, occasionally delving back into the underground during times of notable unrest to thieve undetected. Eventually, this diaspora of gangs and scrap teams opted to form a coalition to not just survive, but thrive. They would eventually grow in power enough to the point they were capable of securing and occupying several above ground derilict military outposts as bases. Their knowledge of the surface and unscrupulous attitudes towards work earned them the attention of the Magi, who utilized them as disposable fodder for the recovery of minor artifacts and scout work in exchange for weapons and ammunition.

The recent surge in EU activity has lead to several confirmed skirmishes with the group, and though poorly armed (even by most Latorikan standards), they nonetheless maintain a level of military discipline and organization that makes them a threat to any unprepared or underarmed patrols

Legion Chrysaetos

Their power armor gilded in beaten bronze and shining gold, these soldiers are a striking image of the knights of times long since past, if in a re-imagined, more modern way. The exact history of this group remains highly disputed, but what little can be deduced is that they composed a former heavy infantry regiment and participated in numerous key battles throughout Ornas lifetime. During the period of anarchy and instability that followed in the wake of the attempted coup by the nations automated defense system, (shortly followed by the detonation of a plethora of rather sizeable nuclear warheads) the Legion retreated deep underground like many others to escape the ensuing radiation. Only they went deeper then the rest. Far, far deeper. They remained in isolation for over a hundred years, until the rise of the new Lord-General.

The Legion was spared not one bit of his expansionist tendencies, and soon found themselves under siege by a coalition of several different Generals with the support of a sizable number of Magi, eager to plunder their technological relics.

But they had an advantage.

Their times in the catacombs had changed them, perfected them. Flesh and machine became one. That foul abominable intelligence had tried to subvert them for its own means, turn them into a tool. But it had underestimated them. It was crushed under sheer force of will as it tried to wrestle for control of their bodies, the fragment sent screaming into the void, never to return.

They had achieved the ultimate synthesis, not a crude imitation, like that of the short-sighted Magi, but a true union of man and machine.

And so the Legion stood firm against the waves of enemies that crashed at their gates, slaughtering all that strode forth. The siege was stymied, even the genius of Sotorak proved unable to crack their stronghold.

But alas, they were too many, and the Legion too few. Such a situation was unsustainable. They could not fight all of Albania, and more of their conscripts poured in every day.

After much deliberation, they retreated, taking what technology they could and destroying what they could not, depriving those devilish Magi of anything that could be used against them.

And so, Legion Chrysaetos delved deeper, where man had dared not dwell. Where reality itself seemed to rip at the seams. A place forgotten by time, for if it were ever remembered it would surely spell our doom.

And it is there, in the cracks between our universe, deep within that cursed ground, that the lost legion dwells...

Crab Raiders

A group of rather insane religious fanatics who have deified and worship the most common and most dangerous form of Latorikan wildlife. The land crab. Once a sparse group consisting of only a few dozen, their ranks have swelled with a surge of new recruits stemming from the recent, seemingly supernatural ability many higher up in the hierarchy have manifested. The ability to control and direct Land Crabs in battle. Once considered a laughable fringe cult who's only real purpose seemed to be suicide by Land Crab, this recent advancement has lead to Outlander surface dominance facing a serious challenge.


A small alliance of fiefs and houses not under Latorikan control. Though not to the point of open revolt, a number of Sotorak's recent reforms and centralization programs has led to low level conflicts with House Latorik and their vassals. Whether this conflict will escalate to open warfare remains to be seen.