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"Life continues when the measurements break," Published by Peacock Gryphoness

The newest stir in the perennial book publishing markets of Polis Diamonil has been an esoterically-themed and austere low fantasy novel about a society with many unknowns. Reviewers have variously praises or panned the book for being blatantly written to appeal to the tastes of Steelfeathers from a previous era, but the author has denied such intentions. The author has claimed instead that she wrote the book as a pure exercise in world-building inspired by her study of Teyzaw's Eternity, the most legendary world-building text in Polis Diamonil.

"Life continues when the measurements break," describes a fictional devolution-and-consensus government similar to Diamonil's, but it describes that government operating over a society in crisis... kind of. The theme of the book is bureaucratic inertia and steady good-enough governance in a society where people speak so differently from one another that only a shared basic kindness is making everything work. And yet work it does, as in the style of Steelfeather novels popular among previous generations, the book sweeps through many scenes and describes many things while leaving most of its plot threads dangling. "The plot is not the point of a book like this; it's about how the characters relate to their world," the author has said in interviews.