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[WIP] Message Board Bill



The bill seeks to clarify and expand upon the rules concerning content on the Regional Message Board.


The bill shall be implemented immediately.







Proposed Law

  1. The following shall be considered criminal offences in relation to posts on the Regional Message Board:

    1. Blackmail, defined as the coercive threat of revealing sensitive information about another nation if certain demands are not met

    2. Discrimination on the basis of gender, sexuality, ethnicity, disability, socioeconomic status, or any other oppressive attitudes

    3. Recruiting for another NationStates region

    4. Slander or libel, defined as a defamatory statement or representation that conveys an unjustly unfavorable impression of another nation in oral or written form respectively

    5. Spamming, defined as deliberate, repeated, and unsubstantial posts that lack an aim of good faith participation in relevant discussions

    6. Support for or apologist attitudes towards a far right-wing ideology, including but not limited to Nazism, National Bolshevism, Strasserism, and fascism broadly

  2. Evidence of the activity outlined in section 1 in telegrams, other regional platforms, or NationStates communities that can be verifiably attributed to a certain nation shall also be considered a criminal offence

  3. The following shall occur when a nation commits a criminal offence defined in section 1:

    1. For a first infringement, a warning shall be issued by any Regional Officer with Communications authority to the nation via the Regional Message Board and a direct telegram

    2. For a second infringement, the nation shall have all of their posts on the Regional Message Board suppressed for a period of one day

    3. For a third infringement, the nation shall be issued a banjection of up to:

      1. Six months, for offences relating to slander or libel, recruiting, or spamming

      2. An indefinite duration of time, for all other offences outlined in section 1

  4. A nation that, beyond all reasonable doubt, exhibits behaviour that is intentionally malicious and expected to continue regardless of consequence may be immediately banjected by any Regional Officer with Border Control authority for up to an indefinite duration of time