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the religion of yoshanan

the country of yoshanan has a rich history of religion the most popular being navienism,canto and the number one yushanism
I will talk about yushanism and well here is how it works lets get started if your parents are yushanin it will work like this
newborn: when you are a newborn the whole family will celebrate in a yushan church called a shishu the first one to hold the baby must be the mother the second is the most elder of the family the third the father then the rest of the family one is random whoever you want then they take the baby to a cleansing station called a baru the priests called camos they wash the child with first a coating of sweet smelling oil then leave the baby with the oil for a few hours 2-6 hours after word washed with water nothing special just water and a bit of salt for half and hour
and they dry of the baby with fine cloths and after word they party for 3 days not all night of course and after 3 days they say there goodbyes and leave the mother and father with there baby
after 1 month-3 years of life: nothing special just taking care of the child
4-15 years of life:parents are strict and punishments like inking and cornering are very common but something very bad like stealing its spanking or if your parents told you 2 times not to do something like scaring your brother or sister or bothering them (both older and younger) you will be spanked
16-18: years of life:they give you alot and I mean alot of freedom here is how i works ya wanna change religion ok do what ya like did a crime do it if you get arrested its not your parents problem yeah harsh but if your responsible its another story but I do not wanna sound like your mother so lets move on
19-death:now yushanism shows us how were all connected how the elements work the universe the spirits of animals that live in us and how free spirits tell us what to do and its are choice to listen to them or not and many maany more topics and that is yushanism for you and thank you for your time
(fun fact the top ten religions in yoshanan are 10.buddhism 9.hindi 8.catho 7h.anarchist catho 5.wanshan 4.hebrew the other 3 are at the top)