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Kendell's National Flags

Strong Heart Flag (1850-1853)

The flag was designed by Joseph Carmón, a French architect, who took inspiration from the Haitian revolution flag except he took the colors of the French flag and placed them at an angle to represent the changing of the French culture. He then placed the fleur-de-lis in the center to represent the French heritage and honor that the first revolutionaries fought for. In 1850, when the revolution kicked off, he sided with the revolutionaries and was one of the men who would become one of the founders of the Republic of Kendell. He befriended a housewife named Celina Lavigne who made the first flag out of wool and cotton which was flown on October 18th, 1850 during the Battle for Fort Marill-Hyme. Celina Lavigne along with her daughters and other housewives would continue throughout and after the war to make the flags of the Republic of Kendell.

Governance Flag (1853-1900)

On October 6th, 1852, after the surrender of the French, the revolutionaries came together to found a new nation. They decided that though the now named Strong Heart Flag was well known and associated with the nationalism of Kendell's independence it only symbolized the revolution against the French but did not symbolize Kendell as a whole. The founders decided to create a new flag that both symbolized the old history and the new. The Pales style structure of the Governance Flag is a nod back to the French flag with blue symbolizing peace, stability, and tranquility, the white symbolizes the glory and victory of the war of independence, and the orange symbolizes both creativity and strength. The main and most important symbol of Kendell is the Sandpiper in the center. The Sandpiper represents perseverance and balance. It was thought of by James Mikil, a former enslaved and revolutionary writer, who saw Sandpipers on the beach following the tide and believed that they truly represented the nation of Kendell. The flag was designed by François Abadie, a school teacher, and the first flag was made out of cotton by Celina Lavigne. The flag was first flown on January 1st, 1853 at the old Congress building.

Reform Flag (1900-1934)

After the founding of the nation, the nation began to grow and industrialize. A new sense of nationalism began to emerge and the population felt that the Governance Flag didn't symbolize the modern Kendell. So a new flag was asked to be designed through a news article competition. The flag-designed winner was Michael Leoka, an art student, and was voted in by Congress on July 17th, 1900. The color orange represents the look of the Kendell sunset and the ideas of creativity and strength, while the color green represents the physical nature of Kendell and the growth of the nation. The Sandpiper is a nod back to the Governance Flag and soon became the national animal of Kendell in 1902.

Harmonious Flag (1934-2019)

The Harmonious Flag is the longest-serving flag of Kendell and was voted in by Congress on February 22nd, 1934. The flag design was chosen by Congress as the population was tired of being associated and being reminded of the Reform Period and its failure in the Great Depression. The flag palette used the Reform Flag palette but changed the orange color to blue to represent health, peace, and stability.

Five Islands Flag (2019-Present)

The Five Island Flag is the current flag of Kendell. After the conquest of Pomai into the Republic of Kendell, the population began asking whether Kendell should have a new flag that represented the unification of the 5 island region. The flag was designed by Kelly Espinoza, a Freshman in Highschool, and was voted in by Congress on December 6th, 2019. The flag resembles the Harmonious Flag in meaning with green representing both the physical nature of Kendell and the idea of the growth of the nation through its youth and blue representing both the Pacific Ocean surrounding Kendell and stability and strength. The color white represents glory and hope in battle, which surrounds the black center, which represents power. Lastly, the Sandpiper is a nod back to all the previous flags with the original Sandpiper logo in the middle which represents both the past and present but also perseverance and balance.

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