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New RP director Alderaceia

As of February 23rd 2021 Democratic Socialist Saxony has appointed me to be the new Director of role play after I expressed interest in that position.

My plan as director of role play will to post polls asking all residents in the Kappa region what type of role play they want a structured Role play with a plan and assigned roles or an improvised role play with no plan and the RP will be improvised by each participant, also asking with poll if any of you want a RP.

If structured RP wins the poll then i will take a week to get three structured plans in a poll where you can vote and ask how many of you will participate with an application. If improvised RP wins I will ask how many of you will participate with an application and we will start

My goal as Role play director is to make a RP if you all want that and if you all donít then to manage the regional map with Democratic Socialist Saxony