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Yongian Social Customs

Bowing is a preferred form of greeting in Yong. It is custom to bow 30 degrees for everything from greeting to apologizing. For common greetings such as friends or family a head bow is acceptable.
Tipping in Yong is not socially acceptable. Workers are paid fair wages and respect the work they do. Tipping is seen as an insult to their jobs and the money will promptly be returned. Instead thanking with a bow is acceptable.
While eating out it is socially expected that restaurant goers will be respectful to staff and to other goers. Before eating say いただきます meaning letís enjoy the meal and ごちそさまでした after eating to indicate that the meal was enjoyed. While eating with chopsticks, never wave them in the air or point with them as that is disrespectful. When finished set them down in the provided cloth and set used dishes in the middle of the table. 
[b]Home Hospitality:[/b]
When entering someoneís home remove your shoes at the door. Shoes are not worn inside as they are seen as unclean and track dirt and filth inside. Not removing shoes is disrespectful to the host and their home. The host will offer either coffee or warm tea in which itís polite to accept.
When giving items such as business cards or gifts, use both hands to offer the item to the recipient.
Swearing, by no means, is socially acceptable in Yong. It is extremely rude to swear and is frowned at.
[b]Conflict Resolution:[/b]
Yongian people do not like to cause conflict as social harmony is placed in heavy emphasis. But, if conflict does arise do not ever resort to violence as violence is seen as barbaric and uncivilized. Instead talk it out and come to a joint agreement.
Crime is socially shunned. When a person commits a crime they bring shame to themselves and their family. Though punishment for crime is not harsh the social stigma is the harshest punishment.