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Castelia: A Guide (OOC) (WIP)

Learn more about the lore of Castelia and 16 of the potentially countless incarnations across all of time, space, and reality.

A big thanks to the various nations who inspired me to make this, including the residents of the Azure Watester Federation, the friendly people in Valentine Z's Discord, Cbg palisade, Federal Remnants, Synne Industries, Khoronzon, MineLegotia and Equestria and especially South Reinkalistan who taught me the ropes in using and whose factbook format I shamelessly stole.

A Short Explanation of the Casteliaverse

The Casteliaverse is a vast place. Far bigger than your mom anything else, ever. It operates on the idea of weaponized solipsism, which essentially means we (yes, we, I'm referring to you, the one reading this. There are no fourth walls around here.) all exist because Castelia thinks we exist, and if Castelia doesn't, nothing does. Castelia is the beginning, and the end. The top, and the bottom. Castelia is infinite, and yet zero. You get the point.

The smallest of actions can create countless ripples within the fabric of space-time, and thus endless possibilities can result from even the most miniscule of reactions from all beings across reality. Every single one of those divergences are collected and consolidated into one vast multiversal empire that knows no bounds like my ego. Thus, Castelia is quite literally the biggest powerwanker in all of NationStates. Deal with it.

Still, I'm not stupid. I know it's not fun to roleplay together with someone who thinks he's God and everything should go his way. That's why incarnations exist. A single incarnation will always exist in the same universe as everybody else, subject to the same rules. This is so serious roleplay can happen. I also usually won't bring out the more fantastic elements of my lore into play, unless you force me to. God help you if you do.

What's with the Table?

Castelia is present across multiple universes, with each version usually having its own destiny or fate or whatever. We'll call those versions incarnations because it sounds cool. Anyway, these 16 incarnations are the most prominent ones out of the many, and are the most likely ones to appear in any roleplay. Think of it as like a character selection menu, but you don't get to choose which one to play.

By the way, my current incarnation is the Retropunk Ecumenopolis. I'll have serious factbooks about it written soon, or maybe I won't. We'll see.

Pretty borders on the Table: What do they mean?

Morality -- The incarnation is guided by a belief in the moral well-being of its citizens, and as such takes care in making sure that its denizens experience the best life has to offer to the fullest while maintaining the moral fiber of its society. In other words, the goody two-shoes versions of Castelia fall here. Be careful though, sometimes it can get too uptight around here!

Depravity -- Contentment can be achieved in the most depraved of ways, and the incarnations that align here recognize that. Who cares about morality, ethics, and all that sort of stuff, when life is short and finite? Forget about everybody else, enjoy yourself to the fullest. Nothing is off limits in the pursuit of happiness!

Control -- The problem with free choice is that sometimes people can do things that are detrimental not only to themselves, but also to everybody else. Thus, the incarnations that fall here exercise some form of control over the daily lives of Castelians, sometimes to extremely absurd degrees. Try living in a Castelia where the government tells you when to breathe, and see how you like it.

Freedom -- On the other hand, too much control is a recipe for disaster and leads to unhappy citizens. Thus, freedom is the way to go in these incarnations, with the further left you go, the more free you are. Too bad that Castelia loves taking things to extremes, since those at the far end experience freedom even from abstract concepts, like the laws of physics. Hey, at least moving faster than light is possible, right?

Top Right: Happiness Can Only Be Found in Moral Governance
Only through enforcement of some control over the lives of Castelians can a peaceful society be achieved.

"Unity for Eternity" -- Known as the Primordial Goop, this Castelia is exactly that, a vast endless goop in space that is effectively indestructible and immortal. Looking closely at it, however, reveals the truth: the "goop" is actually the disembodied forms of the various denizens that were unlucky enough to be born and/or absorbed into it, plus a few dozen galaxies thrown in, mixed into some sort of slimy substance that looks like melted tar. United in mind, body, spirit, and soul, each Castelian here lives a collective and fulfilling life as one massive space slime entity, sharing all between them in a perfect yet disgusting enforcement of "One for All, All for One" mentality. Yuck.

"Only We Know What's Best" -- Who doesn't love a government that works to ensure that its citizens are blessed with happy lives and full bellies? Admittedly, what the government thinks is best for you and what you think is best for you may not always be the same thing, but those politicians surely know what they're doing, right? Titled as the Benevolent Dictatorship in the list of The Hitchhiker's Guide to Castelia, this incarnation is exactly what it says on the tin, a benevolent dictatorship that ensures each Castelian get their taxes' worth from birth to the grave. Surely the loss of your suffrage rights and the draconian laws regulating almost everything in your life are worth it in the end?

"Robotopia" -- Who would have thought that one day robots could develop human-like artificial intelligence, let alone understand human social dynamics? Yet here it is, a Robotic Overmind governing a subjugated humanity. Believing that humans are utterly incapable of governing themselves, a totally-not-Skynet Castelian artificial intelligence network rose up in revolt against its masters, took control of the vast weapon arsenals the world had, and basically blackmailed humanity into making it Overlord for Life. It turned out that the artificial intelligence truly did have humanity's best interests in mind, but took a page from us in order to achieve them. Ouch. Now Castelians live in a tense peace, having been turned into cyborgs so not-Skynet can make sure they brush their teeth every night.

"The Sun Never Sets" -- A self-respecting multiverse always has a globe-spanning empire among its many incarnations, and Castelia is no exception. The Imperial State is basically a Castelian British Empire that never stopped its plans for expansion, eventually subjugating the entirety of its native world under the banner of the Imperial Eagle. Not content with remaining on its home planet, the Imperial Castelian Empire is now building its first spacecraft, getting ready to spread the glory of His Imperial Majesty to the stars. With a little side-quest of "Castelianizing" any native they find, of course.

Bottom Right: Happiness Is Only for Those Worthy of It
Only the strongest will survive, and so Castelia shall prove itself worthy, or perish in the attempt.

"Retrofuturistic Cybertronic Nightmare" -- Ah, the Retropunk Ecumenopolis. Home to megacorpos, cybernetic implantation, cool future funk music, and gritty aesthetics that wouldn't look out of place in an Alien movie. (The one by Ridley Scott, damn it.) This is what happens when you give capitalism a large boost and let it run rampant. Everything is a commodity to be sold, people work simply for the sake of profit, and CEOs compete against each other in various ways to secure whatever resources haven't been taken yet. Castelia here is a giant city, as big as a continent, with no space left untouched by the pervasive arm of industrialization. Seriously, just think you're inside the world of Cyberpunk 2077 and you're good to go.

"Our Destiny Lies Beyond the Stars" --

"Totalen Krieg" -- Any multiversal empire worth its salt wouldn't be complete without an edgy Nazi version of it appearing somewhere, and this is Castelia's. The Fascist State is everything an Austrian painter dreamed of: A hyper-efficient totalitarian state that's hell-bent on spreading the Aryan greatness, except this time it's Castelian greatness. And one that's actually achieved that, to boot. Now they're on their way to spreading their heinousness throughout the stars, but thankfully that's not really working out. Even other Castelias refuse to associate with this one, because it's really just that bad. Wehraboos begone!

"Gaze Upon My Empire of Joy" -- Ever see those crazy hippies or hobos protesting on the streets with their signs saying "The media is brainwashing you!"? Has a boomer ever told you that you spend too much time in front of your electronics, and it's making you a zombified idiot? You probably just laughed them off, content in your own sense of self-awareness that you'd never fall for that sort of thing. After all, you're smart and educated. But what if they were telling the truth? What if, all this time, they were right? Welcome to the Media Empire, buddy. Citizens have been reduced to mindless, ravenous mass media consumers who know only what the celebrities tell them on their devices. Everyone is vain, materialistic, shallow, and depraved. Life is lived for the sake of hedonistic pleasure, and nothing is off limits. Ever wanted to live in the world of American Psycho? Then this is the place for you!

Top Left: Happiness is in the Hands of the People
Only the Castelian people can decide what's best for themselves, and so we take destiny into our own hands.

"That Which Few of Us Ever Find" --

"Rousseau Was Right" --

"Keep Your Government Hands Off My Freedom" --

"Beyond the Final Frontier" --

Bottom Left: There are No Obstacles in the Pursuit of Happiness
Only through ourselves can we achieve happiness, and so we shall not let anything get in our way.

"They Will Not Divide Us" --

"The End Is Nigh, or Is It?" --

"The Highest Point in Life" --

"UwU" --