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The Spark of Divine Limerick Challenge

Sky Haven
Sky Haven
Sky Haven

Sky Haven
Sky Haven

Spark of Divine Limerick Challenge!
Sky Haven

Hello everyone!

The Domuncula of Culture calls on you - yes, YOU - to rise up for the cerebral needs of the people of Sky Haven. And what better way of nourishing the intellect, we say, than a Limerick Challenge?

That's right - we would like you to create a limerick themed around the divine and post it on the Sky Haven Regional Message Board for the academic piquancy of our fellow residents.

You have five days to announce your entries - there is no limit on the number of entries - and after the submission period ends, we will compile them all in a factbook of sheer poetic joy and open a vote to determine who is endowed with the finest limerick skills!

May the gods of the arts be with you in all your endeavours. On your marks ... get set ... write!



Oh, how I envy the spirit of the divine
Perhaps it will renew the spirit in mine
For I yearn to become a better person
So the guide of the divine will be assertion
As I wish to not slip down an incline

Nobodys Child

There once was a goddess in heaven
Who cycled her way down to Devon
To her utter dismay
Just one day could she stay
During which she made friends with a Kevin

Sky Haven

Sky Haven

Sky Haven
Sky Haven

Sky Haven