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2021 February Crisis & Establishment of the Constitution

Emperor Loki I founded Lokistania and was its original ruler. Born around the month of February in 2019, he was a green-cheeked conure from Conurensk. Although he was a skilled ruler, his reign ended under puzzling circumstances. On the night of the 15th of February, Loki disappeared into the darkness while strolling with the prime minister, Jon Dolynna. Security forces conducted numerous searches in the frigid night and morning to no avail. It was not until the next day that the government was able to locate the emperor.

Although his bodyguards promptly returned Loki I to his imperial resident, the incident took a toll on his health. On the morning of the 17th of February, 2021, the emperor was found dead in his chambers by a servant. Dolynna only learned of the tragic news when he returned from a dental appointment. Loki's sudden death was a massive shock for all of his subjects and even prompted condolences from foreign heads of state. The emperor was promptly buried with full honors, and his belongings were cleaned and stored away. To honor their emperor's tragic passing, the Prime Minister declared that the empire's citizens would pay their respects to their beloved monarch by observing a period of mourning, in accordance with the ancient customs of Lokistania.

Despite the declaration of mourning, some didn't feel very sorrowful. They perceived his death as a catalyst for a collapsing empire, and how it was vulnerable to corruption from foreigners. Most of these groups were radical extremists that strive to revolutionize the entirety of Lokistania. Fanatical socialists such as Georgy Paryshvili, leader of his violent organization Communists In Arms, claimed that the Emperor fleeing away at night meant he was scared & wanted to escape from all the pressure. Others insist he didn't choose to disappear, but that he was murdered deliberately.

Such claims stem from the far-right, especially veterans who were ignored social support. According to the controversial head of the Fascist Blackshirts, Wilhelm von Weiberheld has written in his book It Can't Go On From Here

"The emperor was in charge of a large, corrupt, impotent empire with constant conflict from external forces such as Deskoslovakia & from internal conflict from the workers and socialists! For all we know, he could've been assassinated by socialists, anarchists, or by his own ministers! Why else would go outside with the prime minister? To frolic in the snow? I think not!"

Protests would escalate into violent riots. Witnesses recounted the horrific sight of violence, looting, and small skirmishes involving law enforcement having shootouts with people armed with small arms and explosives, all fighting for the principles of Communism or Fascism. All-day & night, engagements on all sides were commonplace in almost all cities. The Prime Minister & his fellow ministers called for an emergency meeting, debating about how the Empire should be ruled. Ultimately, they declared the 24th of February the day for establishing the Empire as a Constitutional Monarchy with the Prime Minister appointed as the new Lord Regent. It was decided that he will rule with a unicameral Imperial Assembly to share power & have checks and balances.

Eventually, the military & law enforcement were able to regain the majority of control, effectively decreasing the riots. Upon being captured after being besieged by the police & army, Wilhelm von Weiberheld was arrested & sentenced to death by hanging. During Wilhelm's trial, special forces operatives raided a communist safehouse only to find Georgy Paryshvili assassinated with an ice pick in his study. As of now, the perpetrator has never been brought to justice.

In the aftermath, most of the people supporting the riots received varied sentences with 1-4 weeks in jail depending on the severity of the crimes they committed. An investigation by the government was conducted, with estimates ranging from 3,000-10,000 people killed & 20,000-40,000 were wounded in the span of a week. The political parties that called for the senseless purging of innocent citizens & initiated anarchy, such as the Fascist Blackshirts & Communists In Arms, have been banned effective immediately. The closest supporters of the anarchists, fascist militants & communist extremists have been sentenced to life imprisonment.

Although it was perceived as harsh judgment, it was deemed fair by the people & government of the Empire, as well as to send out a message: The Empire will never falter & will stay united and faithful to the Emperor.