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The "Solidarity Party" by the RNC

On Monday, February 23rd the popular and long serving politician Leria disbanded his old "Non Aligned Movement" which had served as a group to give non party aligned people in the region a voice in the political landscape
and formed the new "Solidarity Party". This party claims to be formed to oppose extremism, maintain "law and order" and fight for a centrist democratic region.

Leria who is a decorated and experienced politician having formed the former Reformist Party and served as Senator and Prime Minister is a famously good politician and a popular member of the UAS. His first major political move was forming the Reformist Party along with Rosuva(myself) which was built on putting more power to the people and less to the executive. While in the Reformist Party he served very well as a senator and led the Reformists to a golden age as the main opposition against the former Eagles Party. As head of the main opposition he helped to contain the Eagles and prevented a constitutional amendment. In December of last year he took a temporary break from the UAS do to being diagnosed with COVID-19 and being in the hospital. After returning he split off from the former Reformists leaving Rosuva(myself) in charge. This of course led to the forming of the Liberal Democrats who merged with the "Solidarity Party" recently.

With the formation of this new "Solidarity Party" and the current Junta we can expect a major shift in the political landscape of the UAS in the future and I await more things to come from this new party.

We managed to get an interview with Leria below is the questions and answers:

Q1: Yesterday you disbanded the Non-Aligned Movement and replaced it with the Solidarity Party I am curios as to your reasoning for this decision?
A1: Under the junta the main goal is to rebuild the system from the ground up, to revitalise the region and the constitution, in the constitution I'm co-writing with NIMBYs, which I'm hoping to implement, we are moving away from the appointed Senate to an elected Parliament, and the Non-Aligned Movement really could only work under the former system of appointed senators due to how the party appointed senators and had no clear ideology. Solidarity however, is tailored towards a centrist ideal, to oppose any kind of political extremism and to save our future elected democracy from any tyrannical threat and to uphold the liberties of our region's citizens.

Q2: You have had a long and fairly successful career as a politician in the UAS helping to form the Reformist Party can you explain how this new Solidarity Party differs from the now dead Reformist Party and why do you think the Reformist Party failed?
A2:Well, the Reformist Party was a movement to reform, as the name suggests, and I feel like the party failed because it was plagued by inactivity with no clear idea on what reform really meant, you see, in my first term as Prime Minister I was elected on October 15th and the Union's activity is famously prone to diminishing in the Autumn months as people return to School and their lives in the run up to the holiday seasons, and as we all know there is a pandemic raging on outside of Nationstates and the Reformists gained a majority in the Senate just as lockdown restrictions lessened in many European nations, which completely collapsed the Reformist's activity, the real nail in the coffin for the Reformists I believe was my admission to hospital with Covid, when I resigned from the party and the position of Prime Minister, the party as it had no clear leader and subsequently collapsed.

Solidarity on the other hand is a party to protect our democracy, the Union is seeing an extreme rise in political extremism in my opinion which can be extremely dangerous to democracy, and our goal is to protect and to preserve the new constitution and the new laws implemented following this change, to ensure the laws are easy to read, and to seek a consolidation between the centre-left and the centre-right to reach a pragmatic solution to the issues we face as a region.

Q3: With the recent implementation of a “Junta” and the recent attempted raiding what are your plans for upping security for the UAS and for defense of the region?
A3: Well I'd have to say the Junta had nothing to do with a raid, the perceived raid was in part to the situation with Zetox, who kept making accounts on Discord because he struggled to gain access to the server and his current issues regarding his accounts in general, as I explained earlier the Junta was implemented via democratic vote in the region as a measure to fix the Union's constitutional issues and Laws, though raids and outsider threats aren't much of an issue due to the role of the Founder and his vice, United Ocean Federation who take the main security role of the region. I believe the real threat to the security of our region would be an insider threat, be to have a government formed in extremism, communism or fascism, I don't mean conservatism or socialism, which are ideologies I perceive to be perfectly moderate and needed in our political sphere, but what this Union really needs is a stable government that's in touch with the majority, not the extremists, and a government that is experienced, and that is what we aim to implement as Solidarity, which I believe neither party can truly achieve compared to Solidarity.

Q4: What are your plans for establishing a foreign intelligence and military/counter raiding force?
A4: Thats an issue I'd have to look into carefully, our intelligence agency was rarely used as is due to the safety of the region due to the role of the founder and their ability to counter raids, potentially a military could be used to further our strength inter-regionally and act as a protection for founder less regions in our region's sphere. If a military or intelligence agency was formed I'd want it to be in co-operation with inter-regional allies, as we are better united than alone on the world stage.

Q5: How do you expect other parties to function after the end of the Junta as the political world is going to change a lot?
A5: Well, if the constitution we are planning to publish to the Junta passes there will be an emphasis on activity, not size, which is what really should be focused on in our political sphere, Seeing parties who may not stand a chance initially due to a smaller size may prosper due to a higher amount of activity compared to dying parties, which our region's politics should really put an emphasis on in my opinion.

Q6: How do you plan on keeping up activity?
A6: Activity is something that isn't really something that can be manipulated, controversy and instability can cause activity which are two things I want to avoid as much as possible, though my aim is to keep up with the heavy recruitment drive that was probably the biggest achievement in my last term in office and to hopefully reach the 150 nation mark, but it all depends on the amount of nations in the region if I become Prime Minister due to potentially decreased amount of nations, falling from 120 to 100 already, but an influx of new members is always a good way to build a region's activity, other than that I want to potentially create a few regional holidays in office and create incentives for appreciating regional culture and celebration

Thank you Leria for coming and interviewing with us it was a great pleasure and I am excited to work with you more in the future on similar interviews.

Written by,
Rosuva head writer of the RNC(Rosuvan News Corporation)