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My NS Playing history or whatever

Hi there, I'm Kral, and I'll be your guide to... my NS career, I guess. It isn't awfully varied or epic, but uh... here goes.

I first "discovered" this game in 2013, when I was a wee child (less than half my age now :p), inexplicably fascinated with the complexities of countries and their governance. So I set about to find a game that would let me create a country and look after it, and lo and behold, NS was the first result that came up. I then created a nation (now long lost to the annals of time) and spent a good few months playing the game.

Fast forward 4 years, and I've just completed a school project. We had to create a country, set up its government, enact national policy, etc. I, and a friend created Kraljevstvo Rata (Kingdom of War in Serbian. Corny, huh?), a breakoff of the Vojvodina province in Serbia, plus parts of Croatia, Hungary, and Romania. I then remember, "oh shoot, i remember that game that I played as a wee lass!" and proceeded to create this nation, on the 21st of September, 2017. And so set off my NS career. You could say that I was infatuated with playing this here game again, answering issues, after which I roamed around, hopping from region to region, before finally CTEing in 10000 Islands in June of 2018.

6 months later, I picked up this here nation up from the ashes and started playing a little more, before CTEing again in around March of 2019. I went back and forth between CTEing and playing semi-regularly. Then came November that year. I moved this nation to The North Pacific, finally hoping to gain some influence in the NS sphere. My list of endorsements grew to about 150, then plateaued around January, where I then became semi-active on the RMB to, y'know, become rich (/j).

March of 2020 was my "big break." Following a disagreement with a Gameside Advocate, I relocated to the Rejected Realms. Oh boy, was that fun. I became an increasingly active RMBer, interacting with so many people, and befriending many along the way. This culminated in me applying for citizenship and joining the TRR discord (April). Here, I met so many wonderful souls, like Frattastan IV, Chimes, Kyorgia, Plembobria, plus a whole lot more that I could list, but my ADHD wouldn't let me do...

I took up jobs in TRT and the Culture Office, where I lasted for a few weeks, only to return to casual gameplay. Absolutely obliterating spammers, and asking questions of the day became my game, which I definitely enjoyed. Some... er... "pleasant" activity became more apparent as the year went on. Arguments became more frequent, specifically between Minskiev (my NS bestie, :P) and Ruben sim, which then saw a peak in September. Around this time, I also moved for a brief amount of time to the South Pacific, where I befriended so many peeps, more than i can count, haha.

Oh boy, now we're getting into the good stuff. During a Culture event, an argument erupted on TRR's RMB, where death threats were made against our then-delegate, A Leaf on the Wind (aka Sarah, for any of you noobies reading this), and uhhh I hounded down a few of those players. then, 2 weeks later, an argument between me and Puget de fuca (rip) got the RMB locked....

Uhh, yeah I now have a comfortable job in being an ambassador for TRR, as well as being a legislator in TSP, amongst other regional jobs.

Oh, and to close, I want to thank my wonderful friends for being friends. Y'all have done a lot for me.