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OOC: An odd feeling

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So I'm not entirely sure why I'm writing this, but here we are anyway.

Mzeusia was founded in The North Pacific. I stayed there for a couple years or so and it was good. RP disputes led me to leave and find another region to call home. I found it swiftly enough in Lazarus. Lazarus had such a welcoming community and good RP which I slipped into and had quite a fun time. I spent a year and a bit there if I'm remembering correctly. Unfortunately, some events happened that landed me with a court case against me. I was entirely innocent but that did not stop a ludicrous public accusation from being made on the RMB by a few people who had absolutely nothing to do with it, presenting utterly ridiculous evidence against me and inviting the prosecution to use it in their case, as if it were some unassailable proof of my supposed guilt. Furthermore, the court case itself never happened due to issues with finding enough judges. As a result, my reputation and innocence was cast into doubt for over five months and at the end of it all, when nobody was willing to wait any longer, the evidence against me was reviewed and the case dropped for lack of evidence.

Due to the court case mess, the broken judicial system in general and the hostile atmosphere on the RMB, I've recently left Lazarus. I have moved to Enadia. I don't know whether I will stay there, but I hope to get involved in the RP at some point. At the moment, the move has coincided with a general reduction in my activity on NS and the possibility of me leaving the game is distinct. I've seen many friends leave and that's always been sad, and maybe my time is not far off.

Right now I don't feel like I have a home. I have not gotten to know the people in Enadia, nor have I forgotten the good times I had in Lazarus before those idiotic charges were brought against me. I have been back to TNP too, after I left Lazarus, but found the RMB no longer like the one I once knew. It was full of strangers whom I could not see myself getting on with or having anything in common with and many of the friends I made there have also moved on. I left soon after entering.

I'm not sure what I want to do anymore. I have considered leaving Mzeusia alone for a while, in favour of a puppet nation of mine. I could make that puppet nation my main one. It is in a nice little region of its own and I am content to RP there.

I don't know whether I will leave NS entirely, start something new with Mzeusia and go through the process of getting to know a whole new bunch of people, who I am sure are lovely, or having my puppet take over. I guess I'll find out.