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UKMC Season 1 - Civil War Part 1-2

United Kingdom of Miotia-Candor

A Series of explosions has been reported to be seen nationwide. In Kanatoro, the K block of the Hexagon, the Ministry of Defence has collapsed due to an unknown explosion, the number of casualties is unknown. The second explosion is reported in an arcade owned by SAGA in the Anime Culture center of Haruhabara, Edokyurria. The Third explosion is reported to be in a nuclear power plant in Sieg. Fearing radiation leak locals authorities have begun a massive evacuation from Sieg and Rauenhausen to Amaterasu in the neighboring prefecture.
About noon, as the evacuation of Seig and Rauenhausen are in process, another explosion has destroyed one of the columns of the highway, causing a jam in the evacuation route.
Right after the Senate has announced a state of emergency, Edokyuuria-Kanatoro Railway could be seen caught on fire as it crashes into the Senate Terminal at full speed. The railway destroyed the western columns of the outskirt of the Senate Terminal, causing a small portion to collapse as an explosion followed. Most of the government is being evacuated to Izanagi.
The URA has been ordered to return from Fukurouju and Daikokuten.
Citizens are told to return to their homes. All non-government-related works are suspended.

Primordial Tiamat

This is the newly constructing Asteroid Ship Primordial Tiamat of the Rias Joint Space Agency.
We've lost all contact with the United Kingdom of Miotia-Candor about 10 minutes after an Arsenal Ray crashed into the Senate Terminal in the heart of Edokyruuia.
The last transmutation was from the Old Imperial Miotian Military Division of the United Royal Forces from Neo-Tokyo
"The enemy forces seem to have intruded deep into our defenses.
This is not merely a terrorist attack.
All highways toward Edokyuuria have been destroyed by a military of unknown origin. They've blockaded the gates of the walled capital.
We're evacuating citizens toward the coastline.
Luckily no radiation leak has been detecting from the partially destroyed powerplant, Sieg.
The enemies seem to be equipped with the exact same equipment like us, no response has come from Hexagon back in Kanatoro. Most networks are down due to massive jamming throughout the nation.
Just like the capital, all the enemy forces seem to be in every single city within the nation. The Old Imperial Miotian Forces of Neo-Tokyo are now acting independently from the United Royal Forces. Not much is known about what happened to the Candorian military. Our airforces are now engaging with stolen CFA-44 and Arsenal Rays that are currently bombing our military facilities.
By the current highest in command, Admiral Inaban, temporary control of the United Royal Forces on foreign and UWU territories are given to Kjanu and New Republic of Frontera
We will move our forces to defend the coastal cities as the civilians are being evacuat-
You hear m-?
damnit it's those ja-
one impor-
they're usi- ou-
ps- b- weaponries"
The transmutation has been cut off due to heavy jamming.
Haruna-4 will be returning to the UWU moon base to assist the URCF by our newly built interplanetary laser railway.
Serbatijan Empire

People's Congress held a meeting about the situation in the Kingdom and they can't let their ally fall into chaos. Several special Partisan divisions were boarded up on 5 transport planes and are dispatched to the outskirts of Edokyuuria to break the siege of the city and support URF. These partisan divisions are specialized for sabotage, guerrilla warfare, and among other things which will be really useful to break the siege of Kingdom's capital.
Primordial Tiamat

From the satellite imageries of Hiei-4, United Royal Forces were seen engaging with the Old Miotian Imperial Forces and some other United Royal Forces in Old Miotus Prefecture.
The Imperial forces continue to protect the highway as civilians evacuate toward the coastal cities.
In fortress city Fiügel, Canadorian forces were seen engaging with the United Royal Forces both land and air. Same as the Old Imperial force, the Candorian military priorities on evacuating civilians.
Arsenal Rays could be seen deploying X-47Bs destroying each other.
Edokyuuria is covered in dense smoke, it is currently not possible to tell the situation inside.
Serbatijan Empire

After a few hours as intense fighting proceeds, stealth transports arrived in Miotia-Candor. The planes flew over the coastline and saw the evacuation process going on. 2 planes continued to Edokyuuria while the other 3 let the paratroopers out somewhat near the coastline, but mostly inland to help URF fight this unknown enemy. They would slow down the enemy movement by a lot and actually put up a very good resistance.
United Kingdom of Miotia-Candor

As Edokyuuria was engulfed by flames and ashes, the United Royal Airforce could be seen destroying each other. Weaken buildings collapses after missiles missed their target and landed on skyscrapers. Corpses of both soldiers and civilians could be seen on the main street as the URF continues to fight each other.
An Arsenal Ray could be seen crashing into the Senate Terminal, completed destroyed block 6.
ACRS could be seen firing rapidly throughout the nation, destroying both apartments, military facilities and other ACRS units.
Two jets were seen fighting each other, but as the Serbatijan Jet approaches, the fighting stopped.
F35-X2 with the Black paint transmitted:
"Reinforcements?- No… Are you an enemy or a foe?"
The opposition CFA-44 with the red paint transmitted:
"Just on time, we would really appreciate your help and to restore order to this nation."


Kyaon would like to send his permanent Army to help the country in this chaos, is there other UWU countries that are able to send help ?

Serbatijan Empire

Two transporters released the paratroopers down to Edokyuuria to restore order in the city and hopefully find out what is going on. Transporters moved away and only two of JNA jets remained with two URF jets. JNA AF captain tried to communicate with them
"Hello? This is captain Željko Maksimović of JNA AF. Please state what is going on and what are your intentions?"
The other jet kept an eye out for the URF jet with red paint since URF was known for their black and white planes.


We send 5 million soldiers trained by the KATGA, Assault Units and 30 Fighter Jets.
We are sorry if the Council didn't decide to authorize Kyaon to help Miotia-Candor but at this point, permission isn't needed.
We encourage other nations to help us.
United Kingdom Miotia-Candor

"I'm sorry, I cannot give away intel until it's clear that you're a ally."
The F35-X2 paint in black responded.
"That F35-X2 is the enemy we're fighting. Our military is currently trying to restore law and order back to the nation, we would really appreciate your help comr-"
The CFA-44 in red's communication was cut off right after it was destroyed by a shockwave of a bullet fired from an ACRS miles away.
The F35-X2 in black ignores the JNA Transporters and dived down to attack another URA Jet.
Remnants of military vehicles could be seen burning throughout the streets of Edokyuuria, as anime advertisement posters collapsed onto the roads crushing the abandoned cars. Windows of most buildings in the capital have been shattered, couples of skyscrapers were completely collapsed onto another building, blocking the street. Colored Gases could be seen covering multiple regions of the city with corpses of both civilians and soldiers laying on the streets.
Civilians could be seen fighting each other, same situation with URFs.
Armored Battle-Trains could be seen moving on the railway firing at both civilians and the military.
A moose code by light "SOS" could be seen from the partially collapsed Senate Terminal at the heart of the capital. However that's where most of the conflict is currently taking place.


We would like to know who is the enemy, actually if they have a special symbol and which part of the city they took under their control.
We'll inquire with Serbatija.
Primordial Tiamat

"This is the United Royal Cosmo Navy. Even we are not cleared what is happening down there. But please prioritized the evacuation of civilians."

Serbatijan Empire

JNA jets decided to trust the F35-X2 and followed it and helped the pilot fight the remaining red jets.
Meanwhile, on the ground in Edokyuuria the Partisan brigade gathered around a kilometer away from Senate Terminal and saw the SOS signal.
"What do we do commander?" a soldier asked
"Let's see what that SOS signal is about. Keep your weapons ready and watch out for any debris. Let's go! Move it!" commander Radomir ordered as the partisans started moving towards the Senate Terminal while the other two divisions explored the ruins of the city still maintaining communication between each other and with the main division headed for the terminal.


Well, the Government has ordered the Army and the KATGA to evacuate all citizens and if possible, retrieve identifiable dead bodies.
United Kingdom of Miotia-Candor

As the JNA forces approach the central district. Soldiers could be seen running away from the battlefield with a gas mask on. In the dense dust, hundreds of corpses could be seen laying on the ground without signs of a physical wound. However, all the victims had their eyes opened wide.
Guns fires and explosions were louder than ever. The vibration of Jets could be felt from the ground.
On the sides of the roads, there were buildings filled with burning advertisement signs with bullet holes. What was once an electric town is now in ruins.
The URAF Jet in red is now tailing the JNA transport, as they fire warning shots.
"We do not wish to have a hostile relationship with the Serbatijan Republic. We demand the JNA leave the Miotus-Kandorian Airspace."

Serbatijan Empire

The masks on the soldiers automatically activated as soon as foreign gases were detected. The partisans aimed the guns at those soldiers running towards them demanding that they stop and state what is going on, some soldiers kept an eye out for any ambushes. The other two divisions were wandering around looking for any survivors or civilians in need of assistance.
The crew on the transports were confused as they were just leaving plus they really don't have any weapons except defense turrets. They sent out a distress signal and JNA jets that were helping the URA pilot when they first came pulled up from the dog fight and they both fired their R4 napalm heat-seeking missiles on the red jet.
United Kingdom of Miotia-Candor

The explosion of the Red Jet has caught URAF's attention, which caused the other red ones to target the JNA forces.
As the JNA division began to question the fleeing soldiers, a experimental tank crashed and broke through the wall from the inside of a building.
It was not a tank model of any known record. The tank immediately fired at the division with its machine gun. A badly wounded URA soldier ran toward the tank and self-destructed. Destroying the track and the machine gun barrel, buying time for the division to escape.
"JNA… huh? I hope that we can really trust you."
One of the soldiers muttered moments before he collapsed. The Sgt quickly ran over and carried him away.
"What you are you standing here for? Let's get to somewhere safe first."
The Sgt suggested.
Moments later, more tanks could be felt through the vibration of the ground.
Meanwhile in Neo-Tokyo
"Do we know who and what the enemies are?"
Admiral Inaban asked furiously in the conference room. Strangely enough, everyone was wearing ear protection.
"Sorry m'am, other than knowing them flying a red symbol of some sort, there's not much info about the terr-"
The reporting officer was interrupted by the admiral.
"Enough of that crap, We all know that they're not terrorists. What kind of terrorist could get their hands on experimental weapons that no one even knows that they existed!? This is clearly a coup"
"m'am you do know that, what you're saying is top se-"
"Top Secret? Does it even matter? The enemy is using them against civilians. I'm talking about Project Harmony."


"This is chaos! We have to do something!"
"This is their problem, not ours! Do you want to waste Serpentean resources on some foreign expedition again?
"What if the cultists were right? Is this-"
Nicolae Danila entered the chamber, his eyes tired, eyebags dark, and generally looking wearier than ever. His signature red cloak was draped around him, signifying his position.
"We will remain professional here, no matter the circumstances. Mr. Ardelean, the cultists have no ties to the situation in the United Kingdom of Miotia-Candor, please clear your head. Mr. Konechev, I would hardly call this situation a foreign expedition. The terrorists could easily spill over into Serpenteum. As horrifying as the situation is, I'm afraid that for our own safety we might have to get involved before they get us involved."
"Danila, with all due respect, do you seriously expect this revolutionary whatever-they-are to get past our lines? We shouldn't have to worry about it, we have better things to focus on."
Danila looked quite aggravated at this point but didn't show it in his speech. "If they can just about topple their capital in no time flat, we are in more danger than you might think. Something must be done here, and I doubt they are willing to negotiate. I will contact the United Kingdom of Miotia-Candor and see what we can do. Anybody disagree?"
Nobody raised their hand.
"It is unanimous, then. Have a good day."

Serbatijan Empire

As soon as the tanks came closer commander shouted
Partisans followed URA soldiers as they cowered them from behind. Two soldiers fired napalm rockets from their RPGs to each side of the street to slow down the movement of the tank.
Commander asked the Sargeant
"What the f**k is going on here anyway?!"
JNA jets turned on their hyperdrive performing a 380° turn to a jet who was behind the shooting at it with rockets then informing JNA High Command of the overall situation. One aircraft carrier in Northern Czech was ordered to get closer to Miotia-Candorian waters to support JNA jets and soldiers there.

New Republic of Frontera

The divided Fronteran Parliament was unable to make an official statement for this issue as the former ruling government has lost its majority and its supporters after the absent of the President. The Republic of Frontera sends its best regards for the citizens of the United Kingdom of Miotia-Candor, but are currently powerless to aid our ally as our own war has reached an undesired stalemate.

United Kingdom of Miotia-Candor

"No one knows for sure. I heard there's a rebellion in Hexagon, the ministry of Defence."
The Sergeant responds as he leads the way toward the subway.
"That's different from what I heard…. I heard it's from some extremist groups, maybe the cultists from Kuzikstan?"
The private commented as he follows the Sergeant into the subway.
"That's completely BS, the United Kingdom is an atheist nation as far as I know. Do you people notice the red paint on the hostile URFs? I say it's the commies."
Another soldier suggested.
"Hey, that's not nice. The Serbatijans are here."
The Sergeant reminded him with a light glare as the group advances in the subways.
"Rumors, huh? that's what we must rely on? Without the internet we're pretty pathetic aren't we?"
The Sergeant muttered as he leads the group to the underground complex of Edokyruuia from the subway station.
"From here, we should be able to get to the Senate Terminal without the interference of hostile vehicles. However, I believe that the enemies are down here too."
The Sergeant pointed down the lightless hallway.
"We'll stay here to treat the wounded. always have you guard up when you meet a URF, you never know if they're a friend or a foe. You can definitely trust the Old Imperial Force that is under the Kaiser, but I doubt any of them are capable of helping us since the gates of the old fortified capital have closed down."
"Reporting from Flagship Carrier Taihou, our vessel is currently in combat with other Ashigara within the first fleet. Then we've already lost count of casualties."
XO reported to the admiral through moose code.
"Anyway do we have any intel of the situation out there?"
Admiral Inaban asked in the busy conference room under Neo-Tokyo
"We've got a sighting of a JNA transport ship in Edokyuuria airspace."
One of the officers reported.
"JNA? What the hell are they doing there? Call them to turn back now."
"yes m'am"
As the hostile CFA-44s closes in the JNA transports, a squadron of engraved F-12J fired upon the hostile CFA-44s, destroying one of the six.
"This is the Old Miotian Imperial Independent Division of the Former URF. JNA transport plane, please retreat from the region. It is dangerous to remain here."
A veteran-like voice could be heard through the transmission.
"Our forces have successfully recaptured Neo-Tokyo, please head there for further intel and supply. It is currently very hard to communicate to anywhere further than 30km."
To: Serpenteum
Somewhere in Port Sieg that has regained communication to the outside world.
"This is the former Imperial Force, we do not have much information about the situation ourselves. At the moment Kaiser's old Imperial forces or we call it the Independent Division of the United Royal Force are currently engaging with hostile United Royal Force that are somewhat colored in red. The enemy's intentions are unknown, only coastal cities have regained network. Not much is known about what's happening in Candor. They're currently isolated by mountains due to the destruction of multiple highways."
To: Kyaon
This the Independent (Imperial) Division is unable to assist the KATGA due to the lack of manpower. Treat all URF with caution.

The Celtic States

We will send supplies and medical supplies and staff to support the best we can

Serbatijan Empire

"This gas though… It's pretty weird, we have never seen something like this before…"
Commander commented
One of the soldiers was whispering to his radio trying to communicate with the other 2 divisions
"How much until we get to the terminal?"
One soldier asked.
The transport was moving left and right as the warning shots were fired. One of the pilots sent a message to a JNA jet
"Marko! Is this how you protect us?! I will f**k you up if I survive!"
Then a message came from JNA jet stating
"We demand that you stop targeting that transport, it is not heavily armed and it was here just to transport our paratrooper divisions. It will follow your direction to safety but take it easy."

United Kingdom of Miotia-Candor

"This is the Old Imperial Force or they call it Independent Division, unlike the United Royal Force, we work directly under the Kaiser. Rest assured, we're your allies. Until we get more intel on the enemy, please treat all United Royal Forces within the nation with caution."
The leading old F-12J respond, as more enemies were detected near the horizon.
"The situation here is completely out of control. Please return back to the Neo-Tokyo with us."
Senate Terminal, the great hall, 15th Floor:
"Everyone quickly put on a sound filter, this is no joke."
The Chancellor ordered as the officers began to handout headphone-shaped equipment.
"What's the status outside?"
"A JNA transport has dropped a few divisions of paratroops. In Shinkabuki-District. They're currently engaging CFA-44s with F12Js of the Independent Division."
The soldier on lookout duty replied.
"Situation in the lobby?"
Shinozaki asked as she walks near the cracked bulletproof window and at the Arsenal Ray that crashed into the building a floors above.
"Nothing much has changed, it's filled with rebellious URFs. It's a matter of time till they get up here."
The soldier answer as he looks at the elevators Shinozaki ordered to destroy hours ago.
"Do we have any intel on the enemy?"
A man with a tired voice answered from the darkest corner of the room.
Shinozaki and the other senators quickly turn toward the man who was holding a tablet with a sticker of a character that connected all of the CCTV and ID chip scanners throughout the building.
Shinozaki asked awkwardly, forgetting the worker's name.
"Sigh* This isn['t the first time you forgot my name… but whatever, it's Kyon Ackerman, your good-for-nothing IT support chief."
"Ahem…. Mr. Ackerman, what are the initials you talked about earlier?"
Akerman stood up from the dark corner and showed the government officials pixelated images of the enemy force.
"This isn't the time to joke around, these pixelated images tell us nothing about the enemies."
One of the senators complained.
"Shut up, gramps. Look carefully at these photos I've selected."
Ackerman shouted as he continues to show the group pictures.
They were really poor quality photos of fully armed URF soldiers with the new battle suits.
"Still don't see it? Miss Chancellor?"
Ackerman asked as he points at the armband of each individual soldier inside the black and white pictures.
Three horizontal lines with three diamonds stacked in the middle. It was no doubt they were the United Royal Forces. However, what was different was the center of the design, it had a star instead of a flower.
"Remember that massive global movement before the Vril war? And everyone has forgotten?"
"No way… we never expected them to…."
One of the senators muttered in horror, as others began to whisper to each other.
"Do you understand now Miss Chancellor? This is neither a terrorist attack nor an insurgency anymore. It's a civil war."

Serbatijan Empire

"We have been allies for a long time already, otherwise we wouldn't have been sent here. Veljo? What is the situation with other two divisions?"
"I'm still trying to get to the commander."
The soldier said as he was still trying to connect to the other two partisan divisions
"There is a lot of static noise, someone must be interfering with the signals…"
Commander looked around nervously, thinking they aren't alone in these underground tunnels.
"Alright then, lead the way"
One pilot said to URA jet
JNA Sokol 1 jets would follow them
"Backup will soon arrive with aircraft carrier"
One JNA pilot mentioned


To: Miotia-Candor
"This is President Nicolae Danila of the Community of Serpenteum, requesting permission to aid your men with first aid, supplies, intel, and the military. We hope your country deals with this unknown threat swiftly, with or without us. Repeating message."
United Kingdom of Miotia-Candor

"Miss Chancellor, it seems the CCTVs within central, are still functioning due to backup batteries."
The Chancellor was too busy directing officers to pay attention to the IT.
He turns his focus back to his tablet, a group of foreign troops could be seen with the night vision camera.
"Serbatis? What the hell are they doing there!?"
Ackerman shouted which has caught the attention of the room.
"Did something happen?"
Shinozaki asked.
"Hol up, Miss Chancellor."
He answered as he thinks and finally came up with a way to communicate with them.
"I gotta warning them about that goddamn [Harmony], who the hell even came up with such weapon in the first place…"
He muttered as he hacked into the camera, switching on and off as a morse code.
As the JNA troops advance in the underground tunnels, a loud high-pitch static noise could be hear from the speakers attached onto the walls of the dark tunnels.
Within a few seconds, the static noise quickly changes to a man's voice.
"To the JNAs, this is your last warning. Return to your home nation, we do not wish to have a poor relation to an ally of the same ideology."
The commander notices the lights on the CCTVs were turning on and off in a certain pattern, it wasn't long until they figured out the code:
"You have ten seconds to answer. Leave or die"
The speakers announced.
To: Serpentum:
Please send supplies to the civilians first, many of them have just escaped from the capital to coastal cities.

Serbatijan Empire

JNA soldiers looked at each other with confusion, Commander noticed the code and shouted
Soldier turned off the radio immediately and got behind a cover