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The Vienna Accords

The Vienna Accords

This document will rule out not only the rules of war but it will also define crimes against humanity.

Article 1: Rules of War
Section 1: Uniform Standardization of Nations

Every nation's soldiers, cars, planes, and any other piece of equipment must be marked with their flag or coat of arms of their nation. If a nationís equipment or soldiers are found not to be marked, that nation shall be fined 300 of that country's currency for each piece of equipment found to be unmarked. As well as marked every soldier (not including militia units) must have the same uniform, this includes spec ops, marines, and any soldiers in between although while militia units must be marked they are not required to wear the same uniform.

Section 2: The execution of POWs while still in the field with soldiers

The execution of POWs (Prisoners Of War) will be a major offense and the soldier or soldiers who executed or helped execute said prisoner will be counter marshaled and after the war will be put on trial. This will be excused however if the POW or POWs try to attack the soldiers keeping them as prisoners. The best sentence a soldier can get if they break this rule is a minimum of 8 years in prison, the worst case if death.

Section 3: The fair treatment of POWs in the field 

If a soldier or team of soldiers is in possession of a POW or POWs the soldiers are expected to treat the POWs in humane ways. The POWs must be given food when there is food available and they will not be beaten or abused at any time. If a POW is found to have been mistreated each soldier will be held accountable. At best the soldier or soldiers will receive a demotion and be reassigned to a job away from combat. At worst they will receive a 5-8 year prison sentence.

Article 2: War Crimes
Section 1: Nuclear Weaponry

Nuclear warfare is hereby banned from being used in warfare, however the testing and stockpiling of them is still legal and allowed. If a nation is found to have used nukes on another nation they will be fined up to 50,000,000,000,000 dollars and will pay for any damages done to the surrounding area of the blast radius. On top of that its nuclear warheads will be disposed of and will have its military cut down by half. 

Section 2: Biological and Chemical Warfare

Biological and Chemical warfare such as the use of mustard gas, nerve gas, and any other chemical that can be weaponized is now banned from being used on the battlefield as well as banned from being sold, produced, and distributed. If a nation is found to have used these kinds of weapons they will be fined up to 100,000,000,000,000 dollars (or the equivalent of that nation's currency) and will also its military reduced by half as well as its missiles and nuclear program will be forced to be put on hold for up to 3 months after the biological, or chemical weapon is used.

Section 3: The Inhumane or Unjust Execution of POWs in POW Camps

The inhumane and or unjust execution of POWs in POW camps is now banned, any nation found to have killed POWs inhumanely will undergo severe punishments such as its military being cut down to ĺ of its original size, having to pay reparations of up to 30,000,000,000 dollars (or the equivalent to that nations currency) per POW killed inhumanely, and possibly killed depending on what methods were used. If a POW is killed and it is later found the killing was unjust that nation will be forced to pay reparations of up to 1,000,000,000 dollars (or the equivalent of that nation's currency) as well the people who ordered the execution and those who carried it out will possibly face a maximum prison sentence of 6 years as the best case, worst case they will face life in prison and will lose their jobs.


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