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Office for International Relations

Office for International Relations

A Department of the Foreign Office

About us

We are a new department of the Foreign Office of the Imperial Federation and the aim of our department is to establish better relations with all nations around the know universe.

The Federation Parliament recently created the department to further their 10 year plan to further our international aims of peace and to protect the Neutrality of the Imperial Federation.

Our current Director is Hayliegh Smithfields who is a Permanent Secretary of the Civil Service, the Director is responsible for the application of the new diplomacy plan.

Our Responsibilities

The Office for International Relations is responsible for the following;
  1. Trade treaties

  2. World Assembly Liaison

  3. International mediation


The Office for International Relations has the following services;
  1. International Crisis Intermediary Service

  2. International War Crime Investigation Branch

  3. Imperial Federation Trading Company

  4. Internal Affairs Investigation Branch