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Yamais (National Religion)

Before the gods of today, there were older forgotten gods. Gods of silt and ash as well as fire and blood. The universe began as a blank white void. Out of the nothing a patch of gray emerged from the white. From it, the first gods would break free, mere molecules in the gray patch. The first 3 were Olasu, god of the void, Uitera, god of evil, and Gokakoloak, god of death. In this void, they clashed above the gray patch. Olasu who could control the void beyond won many of the battles, but weakened the gray patch by letting in the void so much that the gray patch was destroyed. As the gods fell forever into the void, they met another god Ploces, god of peace. She convinced the 3 warring gods to put aside their differences and start the universe by destroying the void, turning nothing into something. Olasu greatly protested though, because he was the god of the void, and without the void he would cease to exist. However, Olasu was the only one who could destroy the void. Finally, Ploces convinced him to use his powers to destroy the void. He struggled to destroy the void for 3 days, but in the end, he managed to get the void to collapse in on itself. Olasu burst with the dying void, becoming the world in the process. Ploces, Uitera, and Gokakoloak created people to honor Olasuís remains, and to make Olasuís corpse more hospitable for the little humans, they transformed it into the world we know today. They had lots of baby gods together that control every aspect of our world. Too many to talk about in this small factbook, so this is where the story ends.
Yamais is also the national religion of [nation]Tankston empire[/nation] and [nation]New Arizona City[/nation].