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URA Recommendation: Vote FOR "Supporting People with Disabilities"

URA World Assembly Recommendation

Supporting People with Disabilities
The World Assembly,

Noting the importance of accessible infrastructure - particularly in the spheres of health, education, and communications - in allowing people with disabilities to effectively exercise their rights,

Concerned that, in addition to ableism, many people with disabilities regularly face discrimination and disadvantage on other grounds (such as race, sex, age, and - for most - low income), and

Recognising that - while legislation alone cannot serve to completely eradicate discrimination - an internationally recognized disability code to remedy the social disadvantages of people with disabilities and promote their equal participation in all spheres of life would be of at least some benefit in achieving that goal:

  1. Defines “people with disabilities” to be those that have a physical or mental impairment which, within their own, their guardian’s, or their doctor’s jurisdiction, has a detrimental or consequential effect on their capabilities to execute day-to-day activities;

  2. Requires member states to:

    1. Ensure that people with disabilities, within their jurisdiction, can conveniently access assistive technologies, housing programs, and mental health support services, relevant to their disability;

    2. Provide, in law and in practice, that no qualified applicants for any job receive worse terms and conditions, incentives, or allowances in their employment due to being disabled;

    3. Guarantee, to all people with disabilities, the right to all available, and relevant details regarding their personal medical condition; granted it is within their doctor’s capacity to provide such information;

    4. Refrain from the detainment, whether in medical facilities or otherwise, of people with disabilities, excluding the legitimate punishment of crimes and where it can be proven that the disabled person is a danger to others;

  3. Encourages member states to:

    1. Establish systems of special education for those with visual, hearing, or intellectual disabilities;

    2. Uphold a positive and inclusive stance on disability, particularly in mainstream media, schools, and workplaces;

    3. Utilise and conduct research to allow products and facilities to be used by anyone without the need for significant reworks and modifications; and

  4. Reaffirms the right to not be discriminated on the grounds of disability.

Co-authored by Tinhampton

This General Assembly resolution was written by Free Las Pinas and Tinhampton to improve civil rights. You can find the drafting thread on the forums here.

The United Regions Alliance recommends that you vote FOR the resolution

This resolution seeks to improve the treatment of people with disabilities around the world. The resolution requires member states to ensure access to support services, prevent employment discrimination, protect the rights of people with disabilities to know their own medical information, and prevent mass detainment of people with disabilities (without legitimate reason). Furthermore, member states are encouraged to create special education systems for people with disabilities and a welcoming environment in which they can live. The URA strongly agrees with the sentiments outlined in this resolution, believing that fair treatment for people with disabilities is necessary in great society. Indeed, unanimous support was given in favour of this resolution, with not a single region voting against or abstaining. Additionally, the author Free Las Pinas is active in URA member region Philippines, providing another reason to support this resolution.

The following comments were given on the LinkURA Discord server:

The Great Experiment resident Pekares wrote,

Pekares wrote:I think it's beyond the WA.

Hive voting member ROBOSTANIA wrote,

ROBOSTANIA wrote:It's quite a good proposal.

Internal voting results

Turnout: 14/30 members
Weighted turnout: 56.65%

This document was authored by Scalizagasti on behalf of the United Regions Alliance. Please do not reproduce it without permission.