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by The Cosmic Supercluster of DeerField Cove. . 4 reads.

Oh DeerField Cove what obscene children's books you have

The following matter came to issue and brought to me:

The Issue:

The oldest versions of the popular children’s book, Little Violet Voyaging Veil, have been released to the public, and are causing quite a stir amongst the more conservative teachers of DeerField Cove.

After listening to the squalor with regard this matter, the following is my opinion, to wit:

I have had personally experienced the reality of these "fairy tales" and I happen to know that the stories keep these spirits alive. Teaching children of the dangers in this world is wise, being an alarmist to the facts make danger too appealing.

It is my opinion that the fairy tale stories be properly addressed as dangers to avoid rather than than pointless sugar coated nonsense. 

To eliminate these stories all together would be irresponsible and to disregard the fact there is wickedness in this world would be immature.

Thus, till a better opinion be brought forward it shall stand.

Done and ordered.

As always I retain and exercise my right to determine rights intent and outcome.