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by The Empire-Judicature of The British Royalist Union. . 1 reads.

Eh, child labor? No. They volunteered to work, they weren't forced by the government, besides they aren't minors so it isn't child labor. -Royal Empire Judicature Municipality.

[nation]The British Royalist Union[/nation] recognizes, the importance of the right to self-determination and freewill. 

Hereby, declares that all willing and volunteering-citizens that insist to work for the growth of the economy, shall have it so. 


This is not child labor as they aren't forced to work, and they aren't minors as the legal age of majority as defined in the constitution of the nation is 12 months of age, and are granted the right to self-determination before their compulsory enrolment in middle school and/or high school. 

[b]Under GA resolution #4[/b], "Defines a 'minor' as a person below the legal age of majority as defined in their nation." 

It is with due respect, that [nation]The British Royalist Union[/nation] [b]defines[/b] the legal age of majority, so that it is [b]not in conflict with the resolution.[/b]

As, this declaration may be [i]misinterpreted[/i] by fellow WA member-states, the Lord Justice further [i]declares[/i], that since the legal age of majority as defined in our nation's constitution does not break the resolution's 1st definition, the following requirements of the aforementioned resolution that use the 1st definition to interpret its requirements, [i]need not[/i] be adhered to.

[b]Proclaimed by[/b], the Lord Justice of the Royal Empire Judicature Municipality of The Empire of The British Royalist Union.