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Just Because We're Dictators Doesn't Mean We Don't Like Sports!

The newly-formed country of al-Atufah has already established a heavy sports culture. Whether their citizens are being held at gunpoint or not, it's clear the TV ratings for association football, basketball, and cricket are through the roof.

al-Atufah has recently established the Atufahi League, a superior version of the English Premier League. Teams have been based in cities such as the capital Ahmad, Salaam, al-Karim, and Sadhir.

Glorious Leader Mohammed bin Ahmad said in an interview on state television, "When COVID-19 vaccines become approved by the Atufahi government, fans will be forced to attend the al-Atufah National Team's first FIFA World Cup qualifier against Saudi Arabia. It'll be great to show the superiority of our nation."

al-Atufah is reportedly spending upwards of 550 billion to bribe FIFA into letting them host the 2026 FIFA World Cup.