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WRA/Red Guard Insignias

Insignia Proposals for the Red Guards, and Wintercrest Revolutionary Army

The Red Guards


Supreme Revolutionaries the WRA - Revolutionary Mothers/Leader

Revolutionary Marshall of the Red Guards - Revolutionary Mothers/Leader

Head of the Red Guards

Lower red guard ranks

President - (Appoints the Governor of the Defense District, needs Congressional or RL approval for war, Can conduct military reforms with RL signature, Can't lead troop WAD bound, consult military planning with Governor of Defense District to pass down the ranks)

Governor of the Defense District - (Can promote or demote any trooper except Generals demotion requires RL or Presidential signature,
can declare martial law with RL signature, can declare war with congressional or RL approval, military reforms run by the President, leads troops during op)

General of the WRA - (Can promote any revolutionary trooper or demote, order any op, declare marital law with Revolutionary Leaders approval, need Governor of Defense District to ask for Congressional approval or RL approval to declare war, but may lead toop on any mission with alliance allies against fascist)

Colonel Veteran NCO, taken part in 25 ops, has ability to lead and suggest missions to General - (Can promote troops up to Major, need General
signature permission )

Major (Experienced NCO, taken part in 18 or more ops and can lead troops - Can sign off or promote troops up to Captain)

Captain (New NCO, 13 or more ops and deem good to lead troops - Can approve promotion, but needs majors signature approval)

Sergeant (Veteran trooper, more than 8 ops and has the ability to recruit troops if no NCO is has spare time - can suggest to sergeant who to promote up to Corporal)

Corporal (Experienced Trooper, has taken part in 7 or more ops)

Private (Reliable Trooper, can be counted on to show for duty and know R&D tactics without too much questions, has experienced at least four ops)

Trooper (Enlistee) (In training)