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Paul-don me (Paulus for Prime Yogi)

Paul-don me

but I think we should use Sangha more!

Hi y'all very Enlightened folk! ^.^

Are you excited for the coming Prime Yogi election, the only time when it is socially acceptable to voice democratic-esque sentiments in Karma? I actually am - elections are precious and that's why there should only be a small number of them. I'm only half-joking, campaigns in Karma are always sort of big event with very interesting platforms being made. In many UCRs elections are just... dull. But I digress, if you're here you wonder about why you should vote for me.

So, first things first:

"Who are you?"

I'm one of Karma's legal monkeys, the other being Wym. I've started playing NS three years ago, quickly got to the legislating part of it and somehow I'm still around. I have plenty of experience with NS law and some with real-life laws too. I served in legislatures of three regions, the last being the Sangha of Karma. I joined Karma a little over a year ago. If you look through our Legal Codex you'll see some laws of my authorship and I'm proud to be one of the Enlightened awarded with Order of the Crane, for involvement in lawmaking.

And now I've decided to throw my hat into the Prime Yogi race.

Of course, all of what I've just mentioned doesn't mean I should get the job automatically. There's more to being a Prime Yogi than just being competent at law. So allow me to walk you through what I intend to do while being Prime Yogi, as that's the important part.

"So what's the plan?"
It's an open secret that Sangha has not been very active lately. Our last vote on a bill, although it has been a particularly dull procedural bill I admit, had the participation of only 6 Enlightened. Any Prime Yogi should focus primarily on making Sangha more active. On this all candidates most likely agree.

But how to achieve this?

Prime Yogi is unique among the governmental positions, as they are not really above the Sangha, but more of its spokesperson. This means that a different approach must be taken in order to ensure that the Sangha is not only a decorative body assembling once in a blue moon, but a real part of the region - something that people like to engage with.

We have sufficient number of Enlightened imo so the problem won't be fixed by just trying to reach out to Jiva to become Enlightened. The task before any PY will be to activize the Enlightenment themselves.

I think there's potential in Karma for a strong legislative. People with Enlightenment are genuinely interested in how their region is governed, only the laws are black magic for many of them. This can be fixed though. This is my plan to do that:

  • I will write a proposition of a guide on how to make and read a law. It won't be binding rules on how to do that, but a help to any of the Enlightened willing to try a hand in legislating. It should also demystify the whole process. As said, I promise to write a proposition of such a guide and I will present it to Sangha for edits and approval - so that in this way we may all decide how we would like our laws to look.

  • I will be posting an agenda for the Sangha every month. This will be a suggestion of topics for Sangha to tackle in that month. It would indicate what types of bills need to be written or at least considered in PY's opinion. Any bills suggested as needed by other government members (Sages and Gurus) would also land on the agenda. I think that a frequent issue with those who would even be interested in law is that they don't know where to start. This would help them get a starting point. As a side note, this is pretty much how I got into the lawmaking - peeps were talking that some law needed to be written so I've decided, against better judgment, to just try a hand in that.

  • I want to make the Yogi more involved in the affairs of the Sangha. If they have nothing to do while I'm present this just makes it a dull job. I will then be delegating the responsibility to oversee some votes to them. They will also have a say in writing that agenda I've mentioned. I also want more rotation on that position if that's possible, Yogi would be a person who in my mind distinguished themselves in the Sangha in the past few months. For the first Yogi I will be selecting one of my countercandidates (if they agree), as they're competent peeps and obviously interested in the position.

  • We should maybe overhaul how our laws look - as rn legislation on very connected matters is dispersed between a couple of acts. Reading through KCoJ doesn't give you a full picture on how we keep away IC threats for example, because there is also No-no Square Act. Sometimes people, even involved in Karmic law, can simply forget that an Act exists. One idea could be to host them in a single document, ala United States Code - but that and other ideas for changes in the legal system I will voice more in detail in the first Sangha agenda.

Besides that I promise to push for Enlightenment of and sponsor any Jiva who seems to have a knack for laws. I will also dutifully keep Legal Codex up-to-date (I'm pretty good at such paperwork I believe ^.^).

So let's unfreeze our legislative together!

After all, Sang(h)ria tastes best when it's chilled, but you don't want it to be a block of ice either!