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By The Emperor's Will!: The Fenzia Tale (Pt.1)

Vranastrova wrote:

The Devil Prepares

Francisco Rovere strode proudly into the kitchen; its four white walls covered in pristine tile sparkled like diamonds in the bright light of the tropical sun. Yellow beams shone through the window, each one casting a long shadow of the dignified owner as he walked to the end of the room, inspecting every inch of counter space as he went. “Everything appears to be in order.” He said when he reached the head chef. “We are almost ready.” Francisco smiled wide, his friendly character taking over his snobby demeanor. “The guests will begin to arrive shortly. I shall inform them that dinner will be ready by seven, or…” He winked at the chef. “Whenever you feel like serving it.”

The chef laughed to himself as Francisco turned to leave the kitchen. Both of them knew that he would have the food hot and ready to be served by seven if not sooner. Francisco ensured that his staff was not only self-reliant, but reliable as well. Everyone in his employ would work faithfully and dutifully to the day they died. Though there was no need to speak of let alone even think of death on this tropical paradise… at least there hadn’t been a reason to think about it since that old crone was removed last week.

Francisco rolled his eyes, the very thought of Madam Alba being enough to sour his mood. He hated her, and he hated the Lursenkia disaster even more. He ran a right and clean operation here, yet parts of the ship and what was on it still showed up on the shores of the island not far from where it sank. He longed for the day when the ship would be swallowed by the earth, its memory gone. Then he could truly be free of the thought of death and disaster and his island paradise would be clean and pure.

He entered into the main hall of the building, its three chandeliers shedding their glorious rays of light on the mosaic that Mr. Rovere had installed himself three years ago. Gold, silver, and bronze colored tile fragments faded melodically into one another as they danced their way across the floor, creating a mesmerizing tune for all who dared to glance at it. Francisco sighed thoughtfully before making his way into the ballroom where three maids were tidying up the room.

“Is everything ready?” He asked them.

“Yes, Mister.” The tallest maid said as she pranced over to him. “The room is as clean as a whistle.” She wrapped herself around his right arm, only to be met with a quick shove.

“Compose yourself, Muriel!” He scolded. “You better not act that way around the guests.”

The maid bowed her head, her lip quivering. “Yes, Mister.”

Francisco shook his head before going across the hall into the billiard room. The green felt table was more than ready to be used for the first time by whomever was on their way. Mr. Rovere picked up a billiard stick, his desire to be the first to shoot overwhelming him. Arranging the pool balls on the table in a neat triangle formation, a sense of childlike giddiness overtook him. He felt like he was a child once more, the weight of the world and of the War no longer on him. He aligned his stick with the white ball. Breathing deeply, he envisioned where he wanted each ball to go and shot. CRACK!

Francisco smiled his boyish smile. Each ball had gone exactly where he wanted it to go. Setting the stick down on the table neatly, he left the room. From just outside the billiard room he could smell the fresh scent of flowers and exotic plants wafting from the conservatory which was the next room over. He chose not to go in, not expecting many, if any, guests to head inside.

“Mr. Heckler.” Francisco said as he came by the door to the library. “Are you ready?”

Mr. Heckler nodded his long, astute face. “Yes.” He said as he poured himself a glass of brandy. “I’ve even laid out a class selection of wines, whiskies, and other spirits. Each guest should find themselves right at home with our collection.” The butler hiccupped rather unexpectedly, sending some of his brandy down his front.

Francisco laughed. “Ha! Careful, Mr. Heckler. Don’t drink all of it or there won’t be any for our guests. Now, go change and I’ll get Mildred to clean up.” Mr. Heckler, the resident butler, bowed before taking his leave to change. Mildred, one of the three maids, came skipping into the room, bucket and wash rag in hand to clean up after the drunk butler.

The proud owner then made his way across the main hall to the dinner room, its red rug sitting squarely on a field of beige carpet. A tall and stately table rose from the red lake, its legs and tabletop made of the darkest oak money could buy. Each of its chairs were made the same, lion bodies capped off in an elongated head made up the armrests, the legs carved intricately into images of the beat’s feet. The chair’s padded seat matched its padded back, each one bearing a glossy white material.

Francisco nodded his head at the scene as eighteen perfect place settings sang praises to his ego. He smiled once more and moved on to the lounge where Maud, the third maid, had made herself comfortable on one of the pink sofas.

“Maud, you can’t sit here forever.” He said.

“I know, Mister, but I can’t help it. All of the work is done, and these chairs are so comfy!” She said.

Francisco took a quick seat next to her. “You’re right.” He began to bounce up and down on the seat. “They are very comfy.” He bounced some more, causing Maud to shake her head as she got up. “Gee, this is swell!” Francisco’s boyish glee took hold once more. He sat for another moment or so just jumping on the sofa.

“Mister!” Maud called. “You’re ruining the display! I’ll need to do it all over again.”

Francisco laughed once more. “Guess not all of the work is done.” He patted her head before moving on to the final room.

There wasn’t much to behold in the study. Just a desk slathered in flowers from relatives and friends praising him for his success in opening this exclusive resort. Everyone, even his employees, seemed to be proud of him for his success. He glanced around the room once more and found that everything was perfect. Everything, that is, save one. On the corner of his desk sat a black rose with a white bow tied just beneath the stem. He walked over and inspected the flower, one of the thorns pricking his thumb as he turned it over in his hand. Quickly, Francisco dropped the flower out of fright as the white bow turned blood red. As it landed, a card appeared just beside it. He bent down to pick it up. The card was heavy, its ink as dark as midnight. What it said scarred him more than anything:

Congratulations on your success. I cannot wait to meet your guests.


Cardinal D’Angelo

Francisco only had time to toss the card and the flower into the fireplace before the clock struck five PM. The guests would start arriving soon and it was time to look presentable. Francisco combed his hair with his hands and headed to the front door, his clean dress shoes echoing on the mosaic that he was so very proud of. Any moment now, it would be admired by his guests, guests that the Devil so very much wanted to meet.

By The Emperor's Will!: The Fenzia Tale (Pt.1)

A Car stopped in front of the Property were the Feast would be held. "Sir We arrived" said the driver, the young Man in the back of the car listened but said nothing. A Creepy smile, that's what the driver got for a response. The Driver was furious, he exited the car, and wlaked towards Fenzia door whom didn't reacted: he continued smiling. The Driver opened his door and said: "Sir, you should probably exit the car". No Response, the driver became more anxious and furious, he repeated Six times the same sentence. The 7th Time, Fenzia, exited the car with his briefcase, when he exited the driver closed the door, turned himself towards the front of the car but then Fenzia Grabed him by behind.

"Sir! Sir! what are you doing!" he shouted, Fenzia put his hand on the mouth of the driver and whispered directly in his ears: "Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Xu Thought that you were inteligent, Xu was proven the Contrary, Xu is upset now". The Driver became more and more anxious, he started to move arround but he was imobilized in the arms of Fenzia, Fenzia became more upset and started saying: "By the Emperors Will.... By the Emperors Will... IN THE EMPEROR'S... WILL!" Seconds after he knocked the driver uncounscious and put him in the rear of the Car.

He then, calmed himself... And started walking towards the entry door: Fortunately for him, it seems that no one noticed the 'Incident'. Whilst walking to the Entry door, Fenzia started to ear voices: "Fenzia... The Emperor's order you to behave yourself... But before... before that Fenzia... Jump into a Bush Fenzia... The Emperor's tell you to jump into the Bush...".

Fenzia was at it again: he stopped and started to smile in a creepy maner again, he then started saying: "By the Emperor's Will..." he then looked to his left and then he saw Bushes. Fenzia deposed on the ground his black briefcase with the 'Ministry for foreign Affairs' Stamp on it's left-side. He Then runned akwardly towards the bushes whilst shouting: "IN THE EMEPROR'S NAME!" and jumped in the Bush.

He then for a second stood still in the bush he just jumped on it. A Servant exited the building, saw him, but didn't do a thing and just said "Creepy Xianese..." and walked back inside. Fenzia then started earing a voice (again): "Fenzia... Fenzia... The Emperor is Proud... Very Proud... Now... NOW... Roll on yourself... Yes! YES ROLL ON YOURSELF!". And Fenzia... Immediately rolled ? But by doing that he felt down... And felt in yet a Other Bush. "In The Emperor's Will!" he shouted, he then again heard new voices: "Now enough! this is enough! now! attend to this feast... and behave yourself Xu".

"Yes my emperor" Xu said, he then wlaked back towards the door: his smoking was now dirty, he then picked his Briefcase and walked towards the entrance. Whilst walking, a Paper felt from the brifecase, we could read the following:

-- The Shenzen Psychatric Institute --
Doctor: Mao Hua
Patient: Xu Fenzia (33 Years Olds)
Date of Final Treatement: 12th of June 1928

Case Description:

"Xu Fenzia was diagnosed with extreme demencia and lunatism, his past with the revolution may have traumatised him to the point where he thinks that the Emperor Will not release his 'Matsrakian Actress concubine': Mia Hefler (No Data could be found: the Office of Migration does not have records on her neither the Matsrak's and the Ministry of Culture ; We presume it's a fictional person of the conception of his mind to releave him from his s*xual frustartion and fantasies). The Final Treatement is schedueled for the 12th of June of this Year but we saw that the demencia is becoming more and more intense. We suggest to put an end to the misery of this poor soul but this can only be authorised by the Minister of the Interior. We started the Water jets treatement but it seems they are not effective. We also observed that a Visitor that works for the Foreign Affairs whom pay visits to a other patient became a obsession: 'Xu Has to kill him, Xu has orders, Xu needs to save girlfriend, Caos Reigns... Caos Reigns... Ave IMPERIA!' that's the sentence that he shouted to the security personel before bitting a guard.

This Patient is More and More interesting, May God have piety on his soul."

The paper was signed with the Doctors office stamp. What will happen next ?

To be continued...