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by The Federal Republic of Yue Xian. . 2 reads.

His Majesty Tale: Volkvalen II (Pt.2)

Yue Xian wrote:
His Majesty Tale: Volkvalen I (Pt.1)

February 7th 1929

"It has been Some weeks since our arival in Yue Xian. The Paperwork was unsualy delivered fast, good thing that a Proto-Harlemist State welcomed us.

After the Final UA Intervention, the Monarchy and the state bacame Niagaran. The NSDP, TNF and MCU Dignatories were all exiled or arrested. Before they arrived in Amsterdam: me, the duchess and other Matsrak Nobles and Intellectuals embarked in a Plane to the Hollandstad Islands, there we took a Boat to Authrasia: Yue Xian. We had luck: 1 Hour after our departure the UA Forces disembarked in the Islands. During the Trip, I Married the Duchess. Not even 3 Weeks after our initial meeting. Anyway, we arrived at Schenzen: since we were all 'Intelectuals' we were granted Citizenship.

I've integrated the 'National Republican Army' and started, with my Old Commanding staffthat came with me, renovating the army like quartermasters would do. We formed the Shock Troop Corps: a Blatent Copy of the Stormtrooper Korps. I Became the mentor of a young officer: Darwin Wanxe.

Wanxe was raised during the 1899-1922 Republican Revolution: they say that Revolutions is where Social Mobility is greater. Raised in a poor Farmer Family, the Eighth son: at the Age of 20 he was promoted to the Grade of Colonel of the Red Guard. And Here he is: at the age of 30 he is the 2nd youngest general of the Kuomitang General Staff, or KGS. Me and My Staff, he and his staff against the Old Guard: 97% of the staff.

The Governement, trust us it seems: they gave the order to us and several other younger officials and dignatories to start planning for what they call 'The Great Patriotic Purge'. 23 Years of Inner Conflict: fueled by the UA and the Ligue of Free States, a butcher paradise. Yet, Milions of Republicans will be, again, purged. I've Participated in one purge over Aucerosa: the Night of the Valiant Condors, I was a Broken Souls Sergeant then. I Was 16 When I Enrolled in the war: 19 Years after 1910 I'm still alive, only things that Changed was now I'm a Duke of a Region of a Nation now occupied by what we saw for Years as 'Allies'.

Niagaran Sc*m! Eleanor wants to negotiate with them for the return, given the fact that she was a Snowden Supporter I Don't see her going far in the negotiations.

Talking about Snowden, In 3 Day's I have a meeting with the 'Fallen Governement' wich means that I Will conspire with the Dignatories of the Old Governement and the MSSB Remanents. The MSSB Agents remained loyal to the 'Fallen Governement', I've heard that the 'VIII Fallen Protocol' was enacted: Only Stormtroopers and MSSB Operatives would understand that, it seems that they all are waiting for the signal... 'Attack!' All waiting for the signal of a Un-Recognised Governement in exile: all waiting like abandoned dogs waiting for their owners until they die from Malnutrition.

Sometimes I Think to Myself: what would happen if the Rexists would have not fighted for the 1708 Independance. We would have been fine, we would have stayed in the Miklozian Empire and everyone would have kept their thrones. I've heard rummors: Rexists Elements are trying to Influcence the Radical Kuomitang Wing, a Presidential Dictatorship is what they are wanting to put in place. a Volksrijk type of governement. If it ever happens, there would be a other Massive Civil War.

The 23 Years War of the Roses... I wonder what would have happen if neither both factions would have inderectly intervened in: The Xianese are in 'debt' towards the Exoans: they help to bring the Tyranical Power of the Emperor down. If a Pro-Exoan Sentiment is present, regarding the Akatohnians and Niagarans it's all the contrary.

First with the Niagarans: the Opium Wars never 'ended', the response of their governement is still to be declared after the Ban of Opiodes Imports and Personal Farms Production: The Governement is split, a Radical Faction wants a total war to reclaim the rightfull Xianese Lands, Meanwhile the rest of the governement is undecided.

Now Regarding the Akatohnians, 'Ah Jowoski! Her place is in the Kitchen and grooming the Childs, not ruling a Brain Dead Nation' said a notorious Libertarian Politician: this reflects well the whole governement sentiment. The Governement ultimate goal, if not influenced further by the 'Fallen Governement' and by the Rexists, is freeing the Authrasians from the Tyranical Rule of so-called Aucerosan Democracies. Some Are discussing on the Plans of helping the indegenous tribes over the West to rebell against their Overlords. In that optic, The State Called a Continental Banquet: they Invited all the Sovreign States in Authrasia: 2.

It only was necessary to send 2 Telegrams to invite the Sovreign States of Authrasia. A War broke out in the north: between Iserk and Miklozia: A Historical Claim Holded by the Iserkians led to this, limited fighting was constated. The KGS Regarded it has a 'Minor Border Conflict' but since Shenzen See's the Whole Continent has their 'Sphere of Influence' they want to take part in.

They don't want to harm the freindly relations between us and Miklozia, neither with Iserk. It seems that the state will remain neutral but regarding the peace talks: as a show of 'force' Schenzen wants to hold the Peace Talks, rummors in the Inner KGS Says that they will send a Telegram to bothsides. What a Pitiful thing: we have to deal with the XCP First before claiming the Peacekeeper Title.

Regarding the XCP: we got them encircled in a Medium Sized City of 45,000 Habitants. It's their 'Capital', in a show of force: Schenzen wants to Eraze the city and it's population from the Maps.

With That, The Purges Started..."

To be continued...

His Majesty Tale: Volkvalen II (Pt.2)

January 22nd 1930

"I've met the NSDP Fallen Governement months ago, I Was busy these times but now that I'm in a train I Finaly found time to write on this,

Snowden was there, wounded, it seems that they were caught in a fight with the Rexists that day. They demanded me to place a few NSDP Officials in contact with Xianese Officials. They Said it was to discuss on a new aproach of 'The Problem'. I've said I Couldn't help but they insisted, insisted so much until they started threatening me: I Simply walked out and said 'You will pay for this'

And paid they did, I Exited the Cafe and Immediately 3 Trucks of Schock Troopers of my own Division arrived, dismounted and arrested the NSDP on the charges of 'High Treason' and 'Crimes against the Humanity'. I Walked to the Street Corner Jornal Kiosque, we could read in Big Titles like 'The Sun' and 'The Schenzen Herald': 'The Great Partiotic Purges have begun!' I Bought a Jornal and read it with a smile.

Later That Day, the 10th of February, I Found out that the Governement was going to aproach The United Alliance of Nations and hand them over for 'Universal Justice' pruposes, the Governement seems pre-occupied of their fate and that's why they want the UA to get them judged, I Don't have the dossier of their arrest but it seems that they have 'proof'. The NSDP wasn't the only one getting out: the Rexists were all arrested and aparently all executed without a Judgement. Mass arrestations and trials were arround: the Old Guard of the KGS was also arrested and executed. In a Matter of just Hours thousands would already have been killed.

The Situation over the south regions near the Macalan border was as expected deliquate. The Medium Sized City, was Erazed: 11,756 POW's were made by the 789th XRG Peacekeeping Division. Two Divisions subordinate to me were at the center of attentions: the court martial was seized by Local Authorities aparently 47 Soldiers were acused of 'Mass R*ping' and 'Mass Murder', fortunately they were XRG Attached and not XST Attached: Alongside the usual work I'll now have to be at the center of the Judgement, I'll be the 'Great Equalizer' or in other terms what the Xianese call their President Judges.

This is called by the locals 'The Hubei Massacre' from what I've Heard, either way: we've Split in Two the XCP Southern Pockets, Two cities are in those pockets: there will be Two Other Hubei Massacres.

But Now, despite those morbid news, I Was Apointed as 'Director-of-KGS' the 11th of february, essentialy I'm the Head of the Army and Thus 3rd most influential guy in Xian.

Now, January 1930, my wife is now pregnant of my child: the Rightfull Heir to the Matsrakian Throne is coming. Even tho the Pregnancy News gave me a smile, since February 1929 I'm leading the 'Great Northern Offensive' to curtail the Monarchist Warlords. Yesterday, the first signs of the 1929 November Calian stock Market Crash were constated in Yue Xian: The Central Bank issued a Note the 1st of January, in it we could read: 'It is possible that the Calian Stock Market Crash may have reached us, out Agricultural Sector started to overproduce and an Inflation in Agricultural Goods Price may be constated in the following weeks'. The 2nd of January, this time it was the National Institute of Statistics, the NIS, that issued a Note: 'Unfortunately, If I'm (The Director of NIS: Xi Gekko) writting this note is to inform the Federal Governement that out Fragile and Developing Industrial Sector may be threatened by the 'Western Downfall': the NIS Suggest the Implementation of a Economic Package to protect our Industries'.

The 12th of January, this time: the Ministry for Employement and Labour issued the following note: 'The Agricultural Sector started to dismiss thousands of Workers, our cities and coastline will be shortly filled with peasants searching for a Better life, The Ministry confirmed a Unemployement rate of 27.88% a augmentation of 16.47 points compared to January 1929, We suggest the Ministry of Economy to engage in a dialogue with the Concerned sector to limit overproduction and regulate the prices in a Federal Scale'.

Now here's the fun part: the Governement resigned the 13th after a Motion of No-Confidence was passed: The Federal Assembly elected a new Governement the same day: the Liberal Coalition (wich controls 68% of the seats) elected Kai Schek of the 'National Alliance' as new chancellor. The 15th, the Governement summoned the Estate-Generals: a Comission which was created during the Revolution and was for the last time summoned in 1927. The EG was given the task to prepare political reforms admist a Crisis that threatens the revolution itself. Meamwhile the Governement started drafting laws to protect our developing industry and started pour-parlers with the Agricultural sector to achieve a compromise, Kai Schek decided that to fight unemployement, expanding the industry and the army was the best bet: Infrastrucutre projects started to be planned all across the country and subsudies and Taxes-Cuts were given to the Industry.

The 18th, the Purges were finished and the South was under dircet control of Shenzen, the north was still a warzonne, I Received a telegram from the Bureau of the Chancellor: he promissed me a aditional 75k men and 35 Planes in reinforcements, he demanded a evaluation on nthe situation and to deploy along the Iserkian Border preliminary defensive positions. The 19th in a Fierry Speech in front of the Assembly: Shek blamed the Crisis on the incompetents Westerners Economists and stockbrokers and blamed the XCP and The Socialists for the Internal crisis and Blamed the 'Socialist Federation of Iserk' on bringing the crisis to the continent.

As I'm writting this, I'm in a train going south to Shenzen to present to the KGS and the Chancellor the Plan.287: a Daring Plan to pacify the northen Lands with a secret Mention in the plan, if aproved: the Warlords and Final Monarchist Traitors will be crushed and the Socialist also will be delt with. I Will also have the oprotunity to visit my wife: Eleanor received a Letter from Amsterdam, her Friend and her Makvorkian Husband will join us, more and more of our inner-circles are starting to leave aucerosa and joining us. I've also heard that a Miklozian named Boross wants to crush us, I Think it's time that we teach those dogs what it means when you provoke a Matsrak."