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Support for Brototh in the 2021 Presidential Election

Note - I do not endorse people anymore! I do not support endorsements at all. I've decided to stop endorsing campaigns entirely because I feel like they're an unrealistic representation of how good a candidate is compared to their policy. This list is made purely for my own interest and counting. It will not be posted anywhere.
If you agree with me, and dislike endorsements, but for some reason still want to be added to this list, send me a message or whatever. I just thought it'd be fun to make this list, which it was :p

  1. Snowflame

  2. Hulldom

  3. The Peoples Caribbean Union

  4. Rivogna

  5. Gallo Republic

  6. Sevae

  7. Saint Songbird

  8. The Helvetic Imperium

  9. The Islamic Country of Honour

  10. Indian Genius

  11. Primo Order

  12. Dykataar

  13. Kor Sahab

  14. Nova Anglicum

The Kingdom of Brototh