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The History of The JermaSubs Planet

The Origin

13 trillion years ago: The Jerma Lunar System was formed, with multiple cosmic objects ending up in orbit around a singular mass, the Moon. Our Lunar system contains 15 total astronomical bodies.

10 trillion years ago: The JermaComet crashes into the moon, breaking off a large mass of debris which would go on to form Planet JermaSubs.

5 billion years ago: The first forms of life arise on the land of JermaSubs, called JermaMites.

2 Billion years ago: Complex, multicellular JermaMites evolve.

500 million years ago: The first creature makes it's way into the oceans. Sea creatures, such as the Chickenfins and Stergills, evolve.

10 million years ago: Homo streamus evolves and rapidly spreads across the continents.

5 million years ago: Agriculture is developed, which allows for Homo streamus to develop the first civilizations.

4 million years ago: Homo streamus reaches its technological peak, but went extinct for unknown reasons.

200 thousand years ago: Homo subians evolve and also rapidly spread across the planet.

150 thousand years ago: Homo Ignis diverges from Homo Streamus alongside the Homo Subians and begins settling in modern Firemania.

2021 years ago: The great philosopher Bop Hades proposes a unified calendar system, which is quickly adopted by all intelligent lifeforms on JermaSubs.

1750: H.F. Bugleberry leads a group of his fellow countrymen away from a dictatorship to establish a commune in an uninhabited continent, informally dubbed "Freeland".

1811 - 1821: The SaltIron War is fought between multiple factions within Freeland, likely instigated by a widespread lack of salt and iron.

May 6, 1821: The Freelandian troops lead by B.F. Bugleberry win the Battle of Alcamoth, and subsequently the war.

August 24, 1821: The multiple factions of Freeland are united under the single flag of Mellyland. The newly formed country vows to promote peace and cooperation throughout the nation and the world.

August 25, 1821: Firearms are invented in Mellyland, plunging the country into anarchy and shaping it into the lawless wasteland it is today.

1992: The Fireman Tribal Federation of Firemania is overthrown and replaced by the Insurrectionary Fireman Army.

1994: A foreign species, dubbed "The Trolls" landed on JermaSubs, quickly becoming one of the most technologically advanced civilizations and overpowering their neighbors to submission, usually through violence.

1998: The Trolls were cut off from their homeworld and renamed themselves the "Second Alternian Empire" shortly after, Ψ Her Imperious Condescension, Tresia Tethis Ψ assumed power.

2019: A group of humans and trolls appeared on an uninhabited continent through unknown means and established the Kingdom of Dave-State.

2021: Homo subians has reached the technological level of Homo stremus and have established many different countries across the world.