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Keltsvian Football First Division

The Keltsvian Football First Division (Ojni Divisi Vudbola Keltsvihi) is a professional league for men's association football clubs. At the top of the Keltsvian football league system, it is the country's primary football competition. It is contested by 10 clubs, and operates on a system of promotion and relegation with the Duj Divisi. Seasons run from August to May, with teams playing 36 matches each (playing each team in the league four times, twice at home and twice away).

The competition was founded in 2014 shortly after the creation of the Keltsvian Football Federation. Since the competition was founded any season could finish, so there has never been any champion so far. The first season was cancelled after the hooligan war by President Nagav. After that moment, only amateur leagues were allowed but also cancelled because of the Keltsvian Civil War. So there was no professional competition until the current season, 2020-2021.

Ojni Divisi

Founded: 6 June 2014
Country: Keltsvia
Confederation: none
Number of teams: 10
Level on pyramid: 1
Relegation to: Duj Divisi
Domestic cups:
Royal Cup
International cups: none
Current champions: TBD
Most championships: TBD
Top goal scorer: TBD
TV partner: Kanal Spora
Website: ojnidivisi.kl

Current: 2020-21 Ojni Divisi

Competition format

The league consists of 10 clubs, who face each other four times in a conventional round-robin tournament for a total of 36 matches. At the end of the season, the two lowest-placed teams are relegated to the Duj Divisi, while two highest-placed teams of the Duj Divisi are promoted in their place. Teams are ranked by total points, then head-to-head record, then goal difference, and then goals scored.

Clubs (2020-2021)

The following teams are competing in the Ojni Divisi during the 2020-21 season:

  • KV Belšina Bebros

  • KV Blis Dergo

  • Ceri Gelu KS

  • KV Cetus

  • Gutiskaspor

  • KV Osipova

  • Romŕvia CF

  • Ruša KS

  • Spartag Cetus KS

  • KV Vilkosos

List of champions

To be determined.

Performance by club

To be determined.

All time clubs table

To be determined.

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