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Vínfalov-Meyle MB 1994 RP

The Province of Vínfalov-Meyle was hit hard by the Soviet occupation of Montealba. Many Cola drinkers were able to centralize the Vínfalov-Meylean economy away from Anise and towards Stuyevka driving a lot of development and trade out of the ports and causing severe depression in the early decades of Soviet occupation. Rampant Eldurgothic raids and Soviet curtailing of the cherry trees as anti-communist led to more hardships and war crimes on the Root Beerian peoples.

Watching the wealth of the Root Beerians be looted by the communist government in Stuyevka Juliet Company, the premier Root Beerian company within Hocherlans Tigers began operating in the province, dedicated to freeing the province from the Communists boots. Using Asymmetrical warfare their campaign was brutal yet largely ineffective. While they managed to lessen Soviet Control in the province the harsh and extreme methods they used to remove Cola drinkers led to similar acts being taken by the opposing side.

These decades led to a large depopulation of the interior as the Root Beerians retreated to the coastline and big cities more the communist collaborationist government initially attempted to halt this exodus but after seeing the rising tensions it caused quickly relented. The depopulated interior was quickly moved into by the neighboring Cola drinkers from Laktozia and Royal-Koruna. Founding the city of SV. Cerberus as a large industrial base for the processing on the farmlands before sent further inland.

The end of Soviet rule finally brought new stability to the country. The first elections were held in 1990 and Liron Laganša, one of the most powerful anti-communist politicians was elected Aesymnetes. Juliet Company returned to Hocherlans Tigers but fringe radicals, recruited during their campaign against the Soviets stayed behind and committed minor reprisal attacks on ethnic minorities in the province. But, with both Hocherlans Tigers and Anise condemning them their reach and extent of atrocities was minimal.

Just as soon as the province began the process of rebuilding amidst the Soviet gutting of any of their primary economic producers the Apotheosis of Hocherlan occurred leaving the Tigers, and Stuyevka, without an effective leader. One by one the country began breaking down and Vínfalov-Meyle, fearful of the future began to make independence preparations to avoid another massive depression. A referendum was scheduled to take place in secret and plans were made to smuggle over weapons and seize Cecensko using Juliet Company and the Vínfalov-Melye Security Force. In the violence that they predicted would happen if their province followed suit with the likes of Spezia and Eldurgoth.

Unfortunately, the news of the referendum, but not of the military plans, were leaked and the military leaders of Cecensko, fearful of losing another province decided to pre-empt the referendum and remove the Aesymnetai from power and install a more friendly government in place. In the cover of darkness, Montealban special forces began crossing the river in boats to seize the Royal Palace. The plan turned out to be a disaster though as Security Forces spotted the boats and sent out patrol boats from the Coast Guard which, after a brief exchanged of fire the Montealbans surrendered. What was supposed to be just a botch incident amidst already rising tensions quickly turned bloody as an Eldurgothic artillery officer spotted the gunfire and radio traffic and quickly ordered artillery hit on the patrol ships and Anise, right across the harbor. None of the shells hit the ships but the artillery surprised everyone as Security Forces returned fire on Cecensko and a 4-hour long firefight ensued which resulted in dozens of deaths on both sides and civilians. Juliet Company forces on the other side of the bay attempted to capitalize on the situation and take over the Cecensko armory but they couldn't pierce the heavy defenses of the base in symmetrical warfare.

This incident culminated in Montealba conducting a small-scale invasion of the Vínfalov-Meyle interior. Seizing lands near SV. Cerberus. The outgunned Security Forces were forced to fall back and only indecision by Montealban chiefs kept a full route from occurring allowing ambushes and hit and runs to slow down the army to a halt over the course of about a week. Fighting continued though as the interior of the nation rose up over the coming months as multiple Cola paramilitaries united under the "Blankytna Republic" led by Spiridon Stojanović to combat the Root Beerian defense of their province. More fighting ensued but with the nation falling more into anarchy Montealban tanks and planes were largely redirected to more critical regions. Giving the Security Forces and Juliet Company much-needed respite as the front fell into a stalemate. What's known as the 30-day campaign left thousands dead or captured on the Root Beerian side with only a couple hundred dead or captured on the Montealban side. The war has largely died down in the 4-month stalemate with only minor skirmishes occurring but material support has started trickling back into the BR, leading to Vínfalov-Meylean rearmament as well as they desperately try to smuggle heavy weapons to oppose the next stage of this war.

Relative strength:
Security Force-23,000
Juliet Company and recruits -9,500
Blankytna Republic-19,000

Pleased by:
Advocating Root Beerian autonomy/independence
Giving heavy weapons
Hostile actions against Cecensko
Protection of Root Beerian diaspora

Angered by:
Supporting Cecensko
displacing Root Beerian minorities
Sinking the holy scriptures entering Anise Bay
Cutting down Cherry Trees

Images from the 30-day campaign:

Vínfalov-Meyle Security force soldiers near Zlaté Pole

A tank crew sits in ambush near SV. Marisa

Montealban soldiers enters SV. Cerberus unopposed in the first days of the war.

Security Forces investigating an abandoned Russian tank column.

The view from across the bay of Old Town after a Cecensko artillery bombardment