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Think Different: Space Edition

Welcome to Think Different Space Edition! This will be four concurrent games, all of which are played with one set of answers. They will be:

1. Lowest scoring player
2. Lowest scoring team (total of players' scores)
3. Least SHEEPy player (we'll get to that later, but it means lowest number of SHEEP answers)
4. Least SHEEPy team (total SHEEP answers)

So, how does one play Think Different? At the bottom of this post will be a link to a Google form, which you will fill out according to an hono(u)r system. The goal is to answer correctly, but to give the answer that the least number of other players give. You will receive a number of points equal to the number of people who answered the same as you for each question- provided the answer is correct. The most popular answer is called the SHEEP. Now, suppose you give an incorrect answer. You then receive points equivalent to double the number of people who answered the SHEEP. So, let's say six people are asked to name something that normally lives in the ocean. Three people say "Shark"; that is the SHEEP answer and they receive 3 points each. One person each respond with "kelp" and "squid" and receive one point each. One person responds with "Werewolf" and receives 6 points for giving a wrong answer. Each question works the same way.

We also have teams in this edition, based on the tools that one would have in their space travels.
Rocket Booster: Useful for getting yourself into orbit. For the first 3 correct answers, you have will have 1 subtracted from the score you would have recieved
Eject Button: For ejecting excess baggage during spaceflight. Select a question and you will recieve zero on this question regardless of your answer. Defaults to final question if not specified
AI Navigator: Useful for navigating the hazards of space. For the first 3 wrong answers, get the same score as those of the most SHEEPy answer
Resupply Shuttle: A welcome sight for long voyages. At the end of the game, have points equivalent to half the number of people who picked the other options combined subtracted from your score.

Do not look up answers or coordinate your answers with others. Think Different is intended to be harder than Think Same, and in this case Google will not usually help you anyway.

The honor pledge: By playing Think Different, you agree to not disclose your answers to any player save the organizer (Waterfall State) between the posting of this form and the closing of responses. You agree to bring any issues to the attention of the organizer as soon as you find them and not to challenge the outcome if you do not do so. You agree to only submit one set of answers, even if you are drunk. If you wish to dispute the ruling of an answer as correct/incorrect, you agree to bring it up with the organizer via forum PM, NS telegram, or Discord DM. If you want clarification on any question or to modify an existing answer, you agree to bring it to the attention of the organizer via forum PM, NS telegram, or Discord DM.

The game will begin in 5 days. The game can be found here:

Linkclick me!

Good luck~

There will be a prize to the winner. Past winners are still eligible for prizes even if they have not redeemed theirs.

Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
Round 5
Round 6
Round 7
Round 8
Round 9
Round 10
Round 11
Final Round