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Statement on Approval Raiding of Fascist Proposals

Statement from the Delegate of 10000 Islands

10000 Islands has long stood in favor of the sovereignty of all regions--barring exceptions for fascist regions and regions with a pattern of disrespect for regional sovereignty. While we strongly oppose fascist regions and their attempts to advance their interests through the Security Council, and opposed the recently proposed repeal of "Liberate Confederation of Corrupt Dictators", we do not endorse "approval raiding" of regions which have "approved" a fascist-supporting proposal. Such actions go against our long-standing support for regional self-determination.

The North Pacific's incendiary statement accused those who opposed the approval raids of "aid[ing] the causes of fascism". Such approval raids do not further anti-fascist aims by antagonizing those who do not hold fascist beliefs but rather fell for fascist propaganda, especially when there is a certainty the proposal would have failed at vote given opposition from every major region.

10000 Islands stands with the Coalition of the South Pacific in their belief that all raids of regions which are not fascist, otherwise hateful, or have disrespected regional sovereignty go against the common cause of regional self-determination, and urges The North Pacific to retract their inflamatory language which serves only to antagonize other responsible members of the international community and divide anti-fascist causes.

Delegate of 10000 Islands