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Executive Orders of The Governor General

Executive Orders of The Governor General of Equilism

Conservatorship of The Governor General
Executive Council

Governor General: Westwind
The Founder: Whamabama
Delegate: Isaris

(The most recent Executive Orders shall be listed first)

Executive Order #0003: Judicial Process

Office of the Governor General of Equilism
Executive Order #0003
5 November, 2020

The Judicial Process described by Article 7 of the Equilism Township Charter is currently unable to be engaged due to the collapse of the government, lack of elected officials and low numbers of active citizens of The Town Hall.

Under the Conservatorship of The Governor General, Article 7, Section 2 through Section 8 of the Equilism Township Charter regarding Judicial Process is hereby suspended.

The rights of any citizen to bring a criminal complaint to the Town Hall, the right to Judicial transparency, the right to petition The Founder, and the responsibility to uphold Equilism law remains in effect.

Article 7: Judicial Process

    1. Any citizen may bring a criminal complaint against another citizen to the Town Hall.
    2. When a criminal complaint is brought, the town must elect two citizens to serve as judges alongside the Town Moderator. Where no other regulations exist, procedures for judicial elections will follow those laid out in this document.
    3. No citizen with a conflict of interest may serve as a judge for that complaint. Someone has a conflict of interest if they are or are perceived to be unable to rule fairly on a complaint due to personal history, known biases, or other similar factors.The accused and accuser in any complaint always have a conflict of interest in that matter.
    4. If a conflict of interest involves the Town Moderator, the election for judges will increase to 3 seats as the Town Moderator will not be allowed to serve. The Mayor will designate the presiding judge in this case.
    5. The elected judges will serve for the duration of the specific complaint, and will be disbanded after it concludes.
    6. The complainant may prosecute at their discretion or appoint another citizen to act as the prosecutor. They may also request that a prosecutor be appointed by the Mayor. If the Mayor is the defendant, the authority shall devolve to the Delegate, and finally the Founder.
    The judges will decide by majority vote whether to permit the complaint to go to trial, what the verdict is, and what the punishment shall be.
    8. The Town Moderator shall serve as the presiding judge in a trial unless a conflict of interest arises. The presiding judge will administer court procedures, post on behalf of the judges, and otherwise manage the trial. Court procedures may be established by law. The court's decision in these matters may be appealed to the Founder, who will have the final say.
    9. Trials must be conducted in view of all citizens in order to ensure accountability, transparency, and honesty on the part of the court. Only the Founder may authorize exceptions to this, and exceptions must be based on concrete regional security concerns. Private and classified information may be redacted from public view and available only to members of the Court.
    10. Violating this Charter, breaking other laws, or trampling on the rights of citizens or residents of Equilism are grounds for criminal charges. Additional criminal acts may be established by law.

In the event that Judicial Process is found to be necessary, as a member of The Crimson Order, Equilism will engage the services of The College of Cardinals of The Crimson Order, which are authorized under the TCO Charter to oversee Judicial matters as directed by The Crimson King - Governor General Westwind. The Regent of The College of Cardinals, Elegarth shall preside over any such Judicial Process in accordance with the TCO Charter. The College of Cardinals sit in Inquisition for Judicial matters. It's members have 89 years of combined NationStates experience.

From The Charter of The Crimson Order:

    6. The Inquisition shall serve as the Judicial process of The Crimson Order.
    7. Inquisitions may be initiated by call of The King, or by decision of The College.
    8. The Regent shall preside as The Grand Inquisitor in the event a Council of Inquisition is called.
    9. Inquisitions shall be heard by a Council of Inquisition.
         a. Members of a Council of Inquisition shall be called Inquisitors during the Hearing.
         b. A Council of Inquisition may consist of The College of Cardinals as a whole, or any number of Cardinals chosen by decision of The College.
    10. The College shall have authority to design and enforce it's own rules and procedures regarding Inquisition.

The seven members of The College of Cardinals of The Crimson Order are:

The College of Cardinals

    - The Cardinal of the Eternal Dungeons, yy4u
    - The Cardinal of Chocolate Righteousness, Darkesia
    - The Cardinal Protector of the West, Wickedly evil people
    - The Cardinal of the Most Evil, Bhang Bhang Duc
    - The Cardinal of Imperial Dragons, Elegarth
    - The Cardinal Mediator of All Things, Mediobogdum
    - The Cardinal Confessor of Moral Obligations, The Holy Principality of Saint Mark

Also in accordance with the Charter of The Crimson Order, Inquisition decisions can be appealed to The Crimson King - Governor General Westwind.

Futhermore, as previously noted, Inquisition decisions can be appealed to The Founder Whamabama.

This Executive Order goes into effect immediately.

Governor General Westwind
Emeritus Rex, Co-Founder, and Father of Equilism
5 November, 2020

Executive Order #0002: World Assembly Delegate Confirmation

Office of the Governor General of Equilism
Executive Order #0002
2 November, 2020

Acting Delegate Isaris is hereby recognized and confirmed as Delegate of Equilism, with the authority, duties, and responsibilities described by Article 5 of the Township Charter.

- The World Assembly Delegate will perform the duties of the in-game position, including voting in the WA, being the point of contact with newcomers to convince them to stay in Equilism and get involved, giving a good impression of the region to outsiders, promoting RMB involvement, and encouraging widespread WA membership.

However, Delegate authority under Article 6 of the Township Charter is hereby suspended and reserved to the Conservatorship of the Governor General and/or The Founder:

- The Delegate may create Regional Officer positions for citizens to seek election to, and they may grant Regional Officer powers to existing officials at their discretion.

Furthermore, The Delegate has been granted appropriate masking and forum moderation authority, and has been granted access the the Private Office of The Governor General as a member of the Executive Council.

Unless instructed otherwise by the Office of The Governor General, The Delegate may freely vote on WA Resolutions based either on regional vote, consensus sentiment, or based on personal preference of The Delegate.

This Executive Order goes into effect immediately.

Governor General Westwind
Emeritus Rex, Co-Founder, and Father of Equilism
2 November, 2020

Executive Order #0001: Occupation of The Executive offices

Office of the Governor General of Equilism
Executive Order #0001
2 November, 2020

As of November 1, 2020, The Equilism Town Hall has elected Governor General Westwind to hold Conservatorship of the Governance of Equilism. As a result of that action, Governor General Westwind takes residence in the Executive Offices of Equilism. The Mayor's Office is hereby renamed the "Office of the Governor General".

Executive Orders and Statements issued by the Office of the Governor General shall be posted in this office.

For reference, the mandate of the Town Hall, passed 31 October, 2020:

Governor General

The Governor General shall hold Conservatorship of the Governance of Equilism in order to manage the affairs of the Township and Region of Equilism, having full Executive Authority over the domestic and interregional affairs of the region of Equilism until such time as the Township is ready to re-engage in elected self-governance, or such time as the region chooses another form of governance. 

- Governance of Equilism shall be held in Conservatorship of the Governor General.
- The Governor General may make appointments, create positions, delegate authority, and hold elections.
- The Governor General may set domestic, foreign and military policy.
- The Governor General may act as Head of State and Government.
- The Equilism Codex (legal code) will remain in effect in accordance with Article 4: Continuation of the Codex.
- The Treaties and Agreements of the Township of Equilism will continue to be honored.

This Executive Order goes into effect immediately.

Governor General Westwind
Emeritus Rex, Co-Founder, and Father of Equilism
2 November, 2020

Last updated: 2 November 2020