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The Equilism Codex - Legal Code

The Equilism Codex

Article 1: Authority of the Equilism Codex

1. The Equilism Codex shall stand as the codified body of regional criminal offences.

Article 2: Definitions of Criminal Offences

1. Posting any content considered offensive, including but not limited to, content that is obscene, illegal, threatening, malicious, or defamatory in nature.
1. This shall apply to a person’s nation name, username, motto, and other custom content, as well as posted text and images, any other uploaded or linked content.
2. This shall include the practice commonly known as “griefing”, which is defined as “posting with the primary aim of annoying or upsetting others”.
2. “Spamming”, which is defined as “continuous posting of irrelevant material”.
1. This shall include unsolicited advertising of commercial material or services.
2. This shall not extend to threads commonly understood to be “spam games”.
3. Stealing another person’s identity or impersonating another person.
4. Hacking the passwords of a nation or a region, including off-site forum passwords.
5. Threatening the security of the region, through action or statement of intent.
1. This shall include organizing, promoting, or conspiring to engage in an endorsement withdrawal campaign against the World Assembly Delegate.
6. “Treason” is hereby defined as “a citizen of Equilism working intentionally to the detriment of the region and/or allied regions or organizations, or directly or indirectly attacking or weakening the region and/or its allies”.
7. “Insurrection” is hereby defined as “intentionally acting to overthrow, violate or ignore the authorities of Equilism, its government, its law, or NationStates rules or forum guidelines”.
8. “Espionage” is hereby defined as “attempting to collect and/or disclose sensitive information to nations that are not specifically privy to that information or somehow purposefully aid in such an inappropriate transfer of information”.
1.This shall include any nation attempting to collect information that they are not privy to know themselves.
9. “Military aggression” is hereby defined as “a citizen of Equilism engaging in any military action unsanctioned by the region’s government”.
1. Multi-citizens acting under orders from another region or organisation are exempt, provided that action does not threaten Equilism or its interests.
10. “Coercion” is hereby defined as “forcing or attempting to force others to act against their will by threats of violence, humiliation or the deprivation of rights and services typically enjoyed by members of NationStates and any associated off-site forum”.
11. “Perjury” is hereby defined as “deliberately giving false information while testifying before a court of law or any government branch”.
12. “Conspiracy” is hereby defined as “conspiring with others to achieve any of the offences listed here”.
13. “Concealment” is hereby defined as “attempting to conceal the perpetration of any of the offences listed here, including the one in this section”.

Article 3: Declaration of Implementation

1. The definitions herein are hereby declared effective immediately in the interests of maintaining order and the sovereignty of Equilism, and protecting the rights of its citizens.
2. Undertaking any of these acts, whether successfully or unsuccessfully, is a criminal offence in the region of Equilism, which shall be subject to punishment as determined by the Town Hall.
3. Furthermore, any actions not listed here that are found in any other official government document shall be subject to the authority of this Codex.

Article 4: Continuation of the Codex

1. The Equilism Codex shall be recognized as a sacrosanct document to the region of Equilism to reflect its repeated re-implementation in some form by numerous governments throughout the years.
2. This Codex may be renewed immediately by any legitimate successor government to the Equilism Township, and shall be considered to be implemented upon that renewal.
3. This Codex may be amended and updated as deemed necessary by a majority vote in the Town Hall.

[This Codex was based on The Equilism Codex implemented by the Second Commonwealth of Equilism on 12 February 2014.]

Passed by The Town Hall of the Township on 1/25/2018