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Vice Delegate System

This is a system for electing Vice Delegates.
A Vice Delegate in FWO is a advisor to the current delegate and founder. But instead of electing a Vice Delegate, you should put one of the past delegates in that role. This is why:
1. less risk of an inexperienced nation advising another nation and accidentally making the delegate to make a bad decision
2. Better guidance. While I do not want to sound rude, nations with experience being a delegate can probably guide the current delegate much better than somebody who has never had a RO spot or a RO spot that is the complete opposite of the delegate position.
3. Completely Voluntary. We will not make the past delegates be vice delegate. The past delegates can just not volunteer.
4. No one volunteers? Well, this system has a solution to that. Well two solutions actually. The first one: there is a vote about who should be vice delegate, the second one: the founders ask a person to be the vice delegate. And if they say no, the founders could ask another person or vote