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Reinkalistani History [WIP]


"And that is what the imperialist would ultimately wrench from us; by stealing from us the perception of from where we have come, they may deprive us of where we are to go. This shan't be realised. Our past, as does our future, belongs to us alone."

  1. The Dethekariden

  2. Tuten Migration

  3. Four Kingdom Period

  4. Ostrakov's Rise

  5. Reinkal's Country

  6. Consolidation of Power

  7. Tonchikan Invasion

  8. The Dark Centuries

  9. Rise of Suntrak Tosdoda

  10. Establishment of One Kingdom

  11. European Discovery

  12. Portuguese Wars

  13. Russian Alliance

  14. Industrialisation

  15. Rise of Socialism

  16. Devask-Turaniski Alliance

  17. Establishment of the P.F.R.

  18. Reinkalistani Marxism

  19. New Year's Coup

  20. Anti-Imperialist Wars

  21. New Reinkalistani Democracy

  22. Plurality and Protest

  23. Death of Kaspar Turaniski

  24. 2001 Elections

  25. "Red-Painted King"

  26. Patriotic Wars

  27. Rising Red Star


"Look!" Hearkened Eclessakka. "Our burdens we have hereto carried are lifted, and a Kingdom has been given unto us."

Reinkalistan is a very large island. But it was, for the most part, situated with a phenomena in which it was uninhabited for much of its ancient history. Multiple settlements around the western coast provide historians limited information as to the small "Pre-Tuten" communities that would've lived on the subcontinent. These pseudo-civilisations mastered iron-working, as evidenced by finds in Stekktosho. There is evidence that there existed a proto-Kingdom that stretched from modern-day Turaniskidak to Hiterth. The people there called themselves the "Dethekariden", and were ruled - according to interpreted scriptures - by five Kings. While both the authenticity and historical accountability of these scriptures have been placed under scrutiny, if they are to be believed they detail a significant amount of Dethekarideni history. These "five Kings" were worshiped as the descendants of a deity known as "the Pluritarch", who supposedly had given the Dethekarideni their lands. This religion has been decreed by the Office for Religious Cohesion as illegitimate, and thus its practice is banned in the P.F.R.; further study is likewise restricted to a select few individuals.

The first King, Eclessakka, was known as a great warrior. Dethekarideni society was very much predicated upon the infliction of violence towards one's countrymen, in a way. Most positions of authority were held by the physically strong and those skilled in combat. Eclessakka's court was mostly comprised of these people, creating a de-facto Kraterocracy in which the strong ruled. Records as to how Eclessakka actually founded Dethekariden are lacking. The only recovered written knowledge describe "a great flood that swept the land; within lay many men who, when resuscitated by the Pluritarch, founded our land." The fact that this has little to no factual basis hardly warrants mentioning, but regardless it does give insight into the mythological folklore of the Kingdom.