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Flags of Galactism (WIP)


Official flag
Plazlandiya Galakticheskist Partiya

    The birthplace of Galactism, it's flag has been consistent. ever since Galactism's emergence in the nation in the 1990's. Though, during the reconstruction era - going from 1993 to 2017 - Plazland had a different flag. The flag, known as Zinon's shining star, named after the creator of the 1978 version of the Galactist manifesto, had a predominant role in the early years of Galactist control over Plazland, with harsh social control by the party and a shift from agricultural fields to more industrial fields. This had marked the end of around 300 years of Monarchist control over the region - Plazland has only lasted for around 170 years - with the abolition of the monarchy in 1993. Although, after Sagadeyev Artem's death in 2009, Zorin Vasil took charge of the Galactist party and became the Premier of Plazland. He had a more moderate approach, and in his words, went on a campaign to "De-Artemise" Plazland. This marked another period of change, with many more liberal ideals seeped into the Galactist ways of life, with education also being more affordable. One of the largest changes happened when Vasil reinstated the monarchy, which had been in exile in neighboring Kian Khe, in a bid to cease tensions between conservatives and the liberalites. This new system, named One party, Two rulers allowed the monarchy to have a split power with the premier of Plazland, as long as they swore loyalty to the Galactist party. With this change, the finale stone to De-Artemisation was commenced, with the changing of the official flag. Once a symbol of what would happen to a nation who's leaders grew harsh and corrupt, Vasil made a bid to end that image of Plazland once and for all. With a majority in the Party and congress, the new flag, named The Star and Bars, became the official new flag of the nation in June of 2015 - thus ending the Artem era.

Party banner
Camino al Galactismo

    During the late 1980's, since Galactism was first written about in Plazland, it wasn't heard of in San Sierra nor in most countries of the western hemisphere, since San Sierra was at a busy time in a slow recovery from it's previous war as well as the most recent economic crash. In 1980, a man, lonely but improving his wealth with a new job he had acquired, named Leonardo Botín, has been visiting the library and reading political books, seeing petty problems and trying to find out what is the damned deal with politics. He gathered a book named... "The Galactist Manifesto", he first thought it was a nonsensical parody of the Communist Manifesto seeing the title, but wondered why was it placed in shelves of politics, so he decided to read it. Hours and hours of reading later, he finishes the book with a nod, closing it and getting interests in the Plazanic ideology. He placed the book back and returned home to rest from reading and working. Days later, he was becoming more interested by putting his mind on the unity of his nation's identity and improvement of education than working on his actual job: A Factory worker.
    Everyday Leonardo finishes a day off industrial work, he writes about Galactism's Jobism, the current San Sierran education system not being effective on properly teaching the youth on how the world and everything works (Education system was different than modern one), how actual intelligent people should be politicians instead of populist idiots not doing what they promised and his loyalty for the San Sierran country and culture. Finally, in one of his days of work, he began to express his political opinions and experience on reading a foreign ideology's book and how he supports it all while helping to produce goods in the factory. Most of his workmates nodded, agreeing a bit with Leonardo. In the late months (and in the first half of winter) of 1986, he and his co-working supporting supporters have founded a political party named 'Camino al Galactismo', designing the San Sierran Galactist flag, although it was designed by Valentín Venegas same day. Few weeks later, Leonardo began giving speeches of Galactism and how it will run the San Sierran country properly well, most people passing by dismissed it as being just another political populist while few others gathered in and nodded, supporting the ideas. Despite Leonardo's nationalistic and populist beliefs, he was also a highly educated man, he was a professional at mathematics, analysis and just now he got educated about politics.
    For the next 14 years, despite gaining new and more supporters than losing them, the Camino al Galactismo was not recognized nor known by the San Sierran Federative States (best known as the 2nd Republic of San Sierra). Finally in 2000, the San Sierran government officially recognized the Camino al Galactismo as a political party, which drove Leonardo with grateful happiness. Sadly, things would change 5 years later by a new, corrupt government. In 2005, the Iron Fist State was proclaimed, and not even a single hour later, the Camino al Galactismo was forcibly dismantled and banned from operating as a political party, part of the political party ban proposed by the dictator. Even though they banned all parties, they had a different reason for the ban of the Galactist Party: "Being too technocratic and communist at the same time", meaning the dictator had fallen for the stereotype. Same day party was banned, Leonardo has died of gunshot injury during prosecution of pro-democratic and liberal groups, although the Iron Fist Regime claimed to have executed him two days later.
    During the Iron Fist era, Galactism has been forgotten by the population due to freedom of speech being outlawed. In 2019, the Iron Fist State was overthrown by a group of mercs. Same year, but different month in 2019, after Democracy has been restored and a Federal Republic of San Sierra was established, some political enthusiasts began reading some lost data of San Sierran Galactism, those enthusiasts are both men named Martín Espinar and Esteban Villacrés, who have later seemed to be supporting ideas of Galactism from Leonardo and Zinon. between 2020's and 2030's, they have seen that the HUR has had Galactism arise, and those two men, gaining supporters, thought they could do the same thing as Leonardo tried to do, but better. They have re-established El Camino al Galactismo, with Leonardist ideas of Galactism. Martín Espinar is the current leader of the party, and even though they haven't gained any seats in the parliament of the modern 3rd Republic of San Sierra, they still have a hopeful chance they could. After Alonzo's election into presidency, the party has officially signed in to participate in the next San Sierran election for next years.

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