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Chancellor Blaze Mercer

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Blaze Mercer








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Early Life

Blaze Mercer is son of Chancellor John Mercer, and younger brother of Dallas Mercer. During his childhood, Blaze was educated at Rapture Academy and groomed by hand-selected tutors hired by his father to be prepared to be the son that will their father and take his place as the next ruling Chancellor of the Rapture Republic. As John desired to have prolonged generation of Mercers to rule the country and continuously perfect the city-state after each new linage had their term as the Supreme Chancellor. As it became apparent to him, as an immortal, that a state starts to stagnate if it governed by one eternal leader, and not ever-changing line of leaders to bring forth new ideas and methods to progress the fatherland until the end of time.

Around 2188, John Mercer, the longest reigning ruler of a country would abdicate from his position as the ruling sovereign, and bestow Blaze, whom at this time worked as the Ministry of Resources, a ministry dedicated to keeping state-owned corporations such as WonderTech Industries in accordance with the central government’s interests and values, and understanding they will be always be under the jackboot, no matter, how influential they have become in the global economy and international politics disguised as independent no-strings attached players.

Summoned into the office of the Chancellory as his father went off to enjoy his much awaited retirement. Barely a year into his role as Chancellor, crisis struck the fatherland, as an experiment purposed to manipulate the weather went horrendously wrong, killing the research team, including the top scientist and minister of science and technology, Doctor Blackwell, freezing all of them into icy tombs.

Cursing the fatherland into a state of technological decline with its favored scientist taking out of the picture. Attempts at containing the growing frost storm within the controlled laboratory were the test took place would prove to futile and serve as a temporary measure to halt humanity’s inevitable demise.

Unable with find a permanent solution with the remaining top performing scientists in Rapture, Blaze ordered the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to inform the world, already experiencing a record decline in temperature following the day of incident. With the information released to world leaders, the Generator Project was initiated with full cooperation all countries across the world to save what they could of humanity, as a new and most likely permanent ice age was upon them.

An evacuation of Rapture’s populace began, sending millions if not billions of refugees to several countries and Blaze’s administration, now a regime in exile, taking sanctuary in the Republic of Bethesda and Elfland both being strong allies of the Rapture Republic, with the later country being where Chancellor Blaze resided oversaw the project, as a frightening frozen storm emerged from the former home of the Aquarian nation.

Blanking the North Altantic Ocean with a thick layer of ice. World Governments could no longer cover up the incident from their electorates as the signals of a winter themed apocalypse began ever present and the sudden mass exodus of an entire people from their homeland.

As the world experienced its last autumn, starvation and panic set in fast, looting, rioting, and desperate prayer began the new normal, as the great frost grew stronger and stronger over the last year of warmth and comfort in 2200.

In the end, the Generator Project was great success without the cost of millions of lives freezing to death from the cold. Leaving a mere few barely a thousandth of the original global population left alive, and boarding land dreadnoughts fitted with the generators that shall served as a light of hope and survival in this new era for all mankind, traveling southwards and northwards to regions rich with resources to fuel the generators, where settlements would be constantly tested by worsening conditions, some failing, and other surviving only barely as the winter continued to be more unbearable and harder to give survivors a purpose and hope for themselves and love ones.

Blaze serving as Captain of a land Dreadnought carrying a mixer of Aquarians, elves, and other refugees found wandering the frostlands would be forced to travel the rest of their journey on foot, as their transport malfunctioned and was unable to be repaired within a responsible amount of time. Carrying what little supplies they could to this unknown destination.

This destination would end up being the settlement of Ironhollow located in a crater with its icy walls containing a great forest. That had seemed to have collapsed before it had the chance to light the generator that shall light one of the many last cities on earth. Blaze without hesitation as he needed to act fast, ordered the still living engineers and healthy refugees to gather resources and build shelters for children, families, and the gravely ill, as the generator roared to life, giving a fade warmth, as a bright flame swayed atop the generator, filling the colonists with hope for a bright future amongst the freezing cold.


Political Views
Blaze Mercer initially was described as a classical liberal before the Incident that give rise to the Great Winter has since drowned the world in snow and record breaking temperatures on course to rewrite below zero, and force the remnants of any sentient life still present on the planet to even more drastic measures to adapt and evolve in the ever worsening climate. As it may come to a point, where the Great Generators that currently provide hope and warmth for the scattered settlements may not be enough to prevent the unthinkable.

Nevertheless, Mercer is now forced by the harshening environment is operates as a authoritative utilitarian. Disregarding morality, and implementing policies that shall prolong the city’s survival, despite the moral consequences by its implementation. Yet praised by the inhabitants as they desperately seek a light of hope, and their families to be feed, and attempt to live as comfortably as they can, as the world they knew crumbles around them.

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