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Project Fear

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Project Fear

Project Fear is a military project spearheaded by the Velcroan General Research Institute (VGRI), its primary goal is to create a fear-inducing gas that will lower a soldier's morale to disarm a soldier without resorting to violence.

Project progress is now complete and is awaiting approval from the World Assembly and Wintreath.

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The chemical composition of the gas is [REDACTED][REDACTED] with [REDACTED] and a little [REDACTED][REDACTED], the ingredients can be found in [REDACTED], [REDACTED][REDACTED]. Many prototypes have been tested on high-security inmates (with their consent) and some proved rather successful while others not, some prototypes have proven to be non-lethal and some were lethal, so some prototypes have been designated with danger levels from 1 to 5 1 to 4, 1 being the most non-lethal but not strong enough to disarm a soldier and 4 being near-lethal but not too strong to kill a person. [REDACTED][REDACTED][REDACTED][REDACTED] Level 2 or 3 is the suggested gas to use for combat.


    Level 1 Fear Gas

      Level 1 is the weakest gas and can only disarm the weak minded, there are no reported visual hallucinations but audio hallucinations have been reported, such as light footsteps, light whispering and distant door creaks.

    Level 2 Fear Gas

      Level 2 is a mild type of fear gas and can disarm the average person with some time, 1 minute and 30 seconds to be precise, some visual hallucinations have been reported such as invisible reflections, unidentifiable objects that appear in the subject's peripheral view, darkness appearing out of nowhere, and sometimes a man in a trench coat. Audio hallucinations include light to heavy footsteps, whispering, door creaks, door slams, distant laughing and light growling.

    Level 3 Fear Gas

      Level 3 fear gas is a strong type of fear gas that can disarm a soldier in 10 - 20 seconds, visual hallucinations include invisible reflections, peripheral objects, darkness, blood, men in cloaks, men in trench coats and sometimes their worst fear. Audio hallucinations include heavy footsteps, overlapping whispers, door creaks, door slams, glass breaking, laughing, creepy melodies, and lastly screaming.

    Level 4 Fear Gas

      Level 4 is the last gas that is accessible and near-deadly, only to be used when the target is wearing a gas mask. Visual hallucinations include all of the above plus hanged corpses, dead bodies, and fires. Audio hallucinations include all of the above plus loud noises, sirens, explosions and the sound of collapsing buildings.

    Level 5 Fear Gas


Fear Knights

The Fear Knights are those who use the fear gas as a disarming device to either hold them as POWs in a war or to suppress them. They will be a new corps in the Velcroan Army that will be named the Velcroan Army Fear Knight Corps (VAFKC). They will wear a uniform consisting of red colors including the gas mask. To become a fear knight they must be a part of the army, they must also master self defense and hand-to-hand combat since they are only able to use melee weapons because the fear gas will act as an advantage, but ranged weapons can be used in times of emergency.