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Zan's Opinionated (Debunking) DM Mainfesto

This is not for the legislature to legislature or decide for the Foreign Affairs Ministry. The FA Minister should have the freedom to incite his own foreign policy that is best for Thaecia.

Impossible. You cannot possibly legislature what the President can recommend in terms of doing his job as WA Delegate at the same time as President. Citizens are of course allowed to form their own opinions on the subjective matters of the WA. The President may recommend on to vote Aye but others will decide against it is best for them.

Again, this is up to the FA Minister discretion. The Minister controls foreign policy & what embassies we should have. There is no need, no want to legislature the FA Ministry policies.

In whatever desperation we're in, Thaecia has never been interested in a region merging into Thaecia.

The Thaeimperial Army serves as a joke. It will never end, as memes is at the heart of Thaecia.

Bad Idea. They are selected & then confirmed by a House of 11.

Again, bad Idea. The Prime Minister has no business in the selection of the Speaker. That job is mainly for the Electoral Commissioner with precise impartiality.

Define what you mean by "private property" & private servers.. I mean, citizens are not required to open their servers to the government of Thaecia.

The Administration already proves enough transparency in itself. The administration server is open to all Residents, Ministers are competent & you can always ask them what their ministry is doing or what they are in the works of.

Umm, just no. What about people like Titanne, who doesn't have Discord & can't for personal reasons. As Speaker of a chamber, I will not allow any bill that mandates the use of Discord as a way to debate, amend & vote. Everyone has NS, therefore, hence more accessible.

This is what the Justice Ministry is. The Justice Minister, Deputy Justice Minister are always on to help.. not to mention we have Justices that can offer legal help when asked.