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by The Unites Islamic States of Zidium. . 68 reads.

What I think of other nations in TEP (idea totally not copied from Azureano)

Zidium = A kid who spends too much time on NationStates
Azureano = One Big Meme
Of Centralist Brexit = Someone who takes Courisla too seriously
Brexiterriech = Of Centralist Brexit on steroids and Frizonian hater
Kampf Empire = Dodgy Santa
Aivintis = Bossy Boots (No Offence)
Technocratic Tagalog = The guy who is not bossy but not a complete meme
Lointland and DarKspawnerreich = never had a conversation but they always like my messages
Dreamersistan = the most helpful popcorn I will ever meet
The Remnant of the Enclave = Worlds Top Oil Consumer
Sokala = Way out of my league
Marrabuk = Telegram Spammer (plz don't kill me)
Levantin = Catgirl Cannibal and bad news for The Middle East (specifically Iran)
Zukchiva = The best NationStates countryball artist
Virgolia = The guy who gave me the idea to ping everyone
Danelaw Scandinavia = Loves roleplaying
The Sygarian Regime = the one guy who can stand up to Kampf Empire
Aldenbourg = Number 1 Doggo Troll
Wirantah = Best Stats for TEP All Time
@Order of the st dumas = protector of the faith