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by The Ряоlетдяiди Тнеосядсу of South Reinkalistan. . 666 reads.

The People's Federation of Reinkalistan

[list][b][size=120][font=Georgia][color=red][i]Reinkalistan was once a land of much opportunity.[/i] Beautiful, historic architecture. Bustling marketplaces. The great expanse of the seemingly endless countryside. The jewel of the Atlantic. It was this way for some, perhaps. For those with crowned heads, those privileged, and those morbidly decadent. Perhaps the tourists saw this Reinkalistan. The foreigners who came here to gawk at us like animals in a zoo. Our culture commodified. Our religion and customs made into a mere tool for the rich to become richer.[/color][/font][/size]

[size=120][font=Georgia][color=red][i]We, the poor, spat upon, and downtrodden, saw the face of a different Reinkalistan.[/i] One that treated the worker like the commodity he produced. One that, to provide for the lifestyles of the First World, was ruthlessly imperialised by internationalist, corporate dogs. Our faith, once held dear to our hearts, was torn from us and squandered by this dominion of the capitalist class.[/color][/font][/size]

[size=120][font=Georgia][color=orange][i]We would suffer their fickle hypocrisies no longer![/i][/color][/size][/font][/b]


[size=120][font=Georgia][color=red][b][i]Taking up arms, the workers of Reinkalistan rose against their oppressors.[/i] The national-guards of many cities eschewed their service to the false, kleptocratic monarchy, and affirmed their loyalty to the revolution of the proletariat. NATO terrorists, royalist jackals, and anarchist traitors alike could not avert the march of the newly-proclaimed[/color] [color=orange]PEOPLE'S FEDERATION OF REINKALISTAN.[/b][/color][/font][/size]


[list][list][list][list][list][list][list][list][size=120][font=Georgia][color=red][b][i]Comrades! We have established socialism in Reinkalistan.[/i] But the fight is not over yet. We have eschewed the soulless atheism of Marx and Lenin, embracing a distinctly proletarian theocracy. Socialism's duty, however, is never finished! Across the seas, those who lie oppressed under atheist imperialism still await liberation![/color][/font][/size]

[size=160][font=Georgia][color=orange][i]The hour is now! Cast off the shackles, and break the chains![/i][/color][/font][/size]

[size=120][font=Georgia][color=red][i]We are surrounded by many foes.[/i] The imperialists of America stand situated on the border of the northern traitors, ready to strike us at any opportunity. We also must contend with the social-imperialists of the so-called "People's Republic" of China. But we shall not be conquered! The workers of Reinkalistan are unconquerable! Alone we stand against fascism! The tide of liberalism, imperialism, and capitalism shall crash unto our shores; we shall drive it back with the force of a united spiritual working-class![/color][/font][/size]

[size=120][font=Georgia][color=orange][i]If the revolution dies, it dies with us. This is the working man's final struggle for survival![/i][/color][/font][/size]

[size=120][font=Georgia][color=red]Forwards, Reinkalistan. We will not suffer the first world jackals to take from us our homes![/color][/font][/size][/b][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list][/list]