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by The Arab Arbiter of Nueva Rico. . 40 reads.

Passing the Torch Amendment

Passing the Torch Amendment
1. Repealing the 7th Amendment
Due to the inefficient, superfluous, and targeted nature of Amendment 7, hereby strikes out clause 1-3.
Reverts referenced Code as necessary, and relegates the duties of the Archivist position to the Civil Service of the Cultural Curator.
2. Shifting the Responsibility of Maintaining the Code
Article II, §1 Code Ownership Policy:
1. Current Arbiter of the Code:
a) The Code will be in the hands of, and is to be maintained by, the sitting Judge - whenever an edit is needed, or a change is enacted.
3. Amends the Founder position to include AA Representatives as Civil Service Employees
Article III, §1 Government Structure:
Recognizes the authority of Augustin Alliance administrators to act in the founder’s stead should the Founder retire or otherwise become unavailable and labels them executive Civil Service accordingly.
4. Addressing Wording Inconsistencies and Grammatical Mistakes
Corresponding with Article II, §4 Appearance Policy, subsection 1:
Hereby grants authority to the Arbiter of the Code to be able to fix minor inconsistencies, misspellings, or otherwise without needing public referendum.
5. Adds to the Meritocratic League Charter
Article I, §2 Meritocratic League Charter:
g. The members of Ridgefield shall recognize the Town Map and the World Map as the official plots for residents and individual countries.
h. Member nations shall not be permitted to claim or annex the territory or land of another member nation, unless the original owner ceases to exist.
6. The Town Council Hereby Awards Three Medals of Merit
Article II, §8 Awards of Merit:
Recognizing the excellency and initiative of three past mayors of Ridgefield,
Helaw, Betmet, Nueva Rico.

Authored by DiRito-Opolis and Nueva Rico.