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by The Arab Arbiter of Nueva Rico. . 26 reads.

Office of the Mayor Interim Memo

The old vanguard of Ridgefield has stepped up one final time to represent Ridgefield in trying times. In the past week, a power vacuum has been created following the retirement of the longstanding incumbent Mayor Betmet.

To stabilize control and prepare for finally endorsing a new Candidate from a new generation of Ridgefield, this interim Council has begun a collaborative effort to issue some much-needed stringent change. Starting with the conduct of the office of the Mayor and the larger Council, we hope to set precedent in how regional politics are carried out. Transparency, initiative, and collaboration, as well as outright competency and technical skill are all determining factors in the appointment of officials; how one resident interacts with others, to inspire and challenge them constructively to generally improve the region.

To avoid vilifying people over mistakes and attacking people's character, we intend to educate new candidates for Council positions via the learned experience of past Council members; Creating a brief, informative reference guide for training purposes. The Council is a collective body, so we strongly support the precedent where the Mayor typically confers with presiding Council members when making new appointments. Moreover, encouraging the use of new civil service members and strengthening the overall cooperation of the Council in supporting people with new initiatives and ideas.

Alongside the training manual, we will make it our initiative to codify official RP standards as well as bringing back previously abandoned initiatives such as weekly news update TGs, improved recruitment, and quotas for individual responsibilities. An informed populace is important in maintaining high endorsement numbers, activity, and sustained growth, weekly updates issues written by news team Civil Service staff and sent out by the Speaker will bring regional happenings to residents' telegram box. Hitting increased population numbers will also require more frequent recruitment and reinventing the current campaign strategy.

Lastly, the drafting of a new Amendment Passing the Torch, which will set the Code in place to solidify the Council once again and improve the efficiency of upholding the Code. Large changes are often uncomfortable -- sympathizing with someone's contempt cannot distract you from doing what you feel is best according the Code. Any appointments or removals should not be taken personally, everything is done solely with the best interests of the region in mind. Certain positions are better suited for the "newguard" with high ambition and initiative, whereas other, less creative positions might be better suited for nations with established tenure. We have an immense gratitude for every active resident, in the Council or not, helping to create such a great sense of community. With such solid groundwork in place, we are certain the region will flourish in new hands.

We hope to have your continued support as we usher a new golden age in the town of Ridgefield and the greater Meritocratic League.

the Interim Council

Presiding Mayor DiRito-Opolis,
Secretary of the Mayor Nueva Rico,
Speaker of the Council Iriarte,
Archivist Bretislavia,
Cultural Curator Duby,
Director of Relations Jabal Qassuon