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MoFA Appointment; request for ambassadors

MoFA Appointment

Holly United has informed me that, due to things happening irl, they have to step down as Minister of Foreign Affairs for the time being. Thus, until such time as he is available to again hold office, the position requires filling.

It is with pleasure that I appoint Panther as interim MoFA, him being the default due to his current position as Deputy MoFA. He has already been bearing the brunt of the paperwork - writing the bi-monthly reports that we send out to our Consulate regions - and so I have every confidence in his ability to fill Holly's role until he returns.

This also means that we shall need ambassadors to Force, Union of Allied States, and 10000 Islands. I will fill those roles for now, but if any nations wish to become ambassadors to any of those regions, then please visit this page, and notify either myself or Panther.